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What physicists observed behind the exotic phenomenon

Eduard E. Godik

Physical fields of biological objects

In the beginning of 80th of last century, in relatively rich period (in Moscow) near the end of Brezhnev time, people paid more attention to their health. Answering this requirement, many healers-psychics [extra-sensory perception experts, paranormalists] appeared. As you know in socialist times demands were satisfied with the priority for working people: Brezhnev himself was the first, then his nearest colleagues… It was the reason why when Juna Davitashvili appeared in Tbilisi, she was invited to Moscow, granted an apartment, and invited for work to the Gosplan out-patient clinic… Moreover, Academy of Sciences was to assist her in her work… Academy was suggested to start serious Program for investigation of «biological field» in collaboration with Juna. It was how psychics (and ordinary people) called the substance, via which they got information about a patient touch-free [contactless], and due to which they heal… As the head institution our Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics was chosen. When Vice Director, Academician Yu. Gulyaev suggested me to organize and conduct the program, I was in doubts in the beginning… I was physic-experimentalist, working with registration of weak infrared emission. These pseudo-scientific definitions: biological fields, psychics [paranormalists], etc. looked ugly for me. Afterwards I found out that professional investigation of phenomenon could be organized (forget about rubbish, loved by nonprofessionals)… I agreed with suggestion of Yu. Gulyaev and did not regret about it later.

We started the task as investigation of possibilities of contactless information exchange between people above known five senses. Physical fields as well as eradiation [emission] of the organism could carry physiological information. We called the program «Physical fields and eradiation of the human organism». Goal of the program was registration and visualization of all possible physical fields and emissions, which could carry physiological information. This information should be contained in the temporary dynamics of signals and their distribution around the man. Actually we used approach (and principles of device building) of one of the main radio physics method — passive distant sondage [probing]. This method was used for many years in our Institute of investigation of the Earth and Ocean with flying apparatus under guidance of acad. V.A.Kotelnikov. Starting the work we understood that irrespectively of investigation of phenomenon, facilities and registration methods of own signals of the organism at all possible channels (actually «listening» of its word) — is the basis for new generation of absolutely harmless medical facilities for diagnostics.

Fig. 1 Fig. 1. Schematic picture of a man in the «light» of his own physical fields and emissions.

This is how man looks in the «light» of his physical fields and emissions, which arrive and constantly change in during the life (this is my picture on the basis of physics assessments for scheduling the work,). Infrared warmth emission (red color) carries information of functional dynamics of the blood flow in the skin, which provides thermoregulation of the body. Radio-warmth emission (red color) and acoustic-warmth (brown) emission bring information of the temperature and functional dynamic of metabolism in the inner organs and muscles. Electric (blue) and magnetic (white) fields are generated by bioelectric sources in the brain, heart, nerves, muscles. Hemi luminescence (green) characterizes saturation of the tissues with oxygen and shows level of antioxidants.

Above signals of the own physical fields and emissions, information of the functioning of the organism out of its borders could be also reflected in the parametric modulation of outer fields, in which man lives. Changing of paramagnetic blood in the heart in the Earth magnetic field, could give signal, higher than magnetic field of the heart itself. Moreover, optic eradiation (of the sun or quasi-sun) enters deep enough into the tissues of the organism, and is eradiated after being modulated in the time by the blood flow rhythms, and in concentration spectra by blood oxygenation with hemoglobin.

In the frames of the Program we had to provide passive distant probing of the body for all above mentioned information channels. To do this global experiment we gathered unique team of the young talented scientists and post-graduates, mostly of Moscow Physics and Technology Institute. This team was divided into several groups, each worked at one channel. It was important to provide high level of experiment during registration of light signals of the body. For each channel specialized devices and methods were used. One group under guidance of Alexander Taratorin and Sergey Platonov developed basic algorithms and program for processing of dynamic images for all channels.

To open the Center quickly I was helped by Aleksey Lukin. He had good ability to organize young scientists, and to channel their energy in constructive flow.

First of all, information of the body functioning was gathered in infra-red, where intensity was the highest: 100 mW/sm² (about 100 W from the body surface). We understood that the most important information from this channel is not absolute level of integral intensity of temperature eradiation from the body surface, but its light changes in time and reallocation in the skin. To register this differential dynamic picture there were algorithms elaborated to provide dynamic imaging as precise registration of every change in intensity of spontaneous changes, and answers to stimulations.

Fig. 2 Fig. 2

Thus in 1982 dynamic infra-red warmth-vision was first time created, to replace less informative, providing only statistical temperature changing on the body surface. Infra-red group was guided by very talented physic Alexander Petrov, who unfortunately died early. We have seen wonderful «movies» in infra-red about the life of the body (very precise space resolution (better than millimeter), which are constantly «demonstrated» on the body surface. The best actors were naked parts of the body with active thermoregulation: face, hands, feet (which remembered «bare feet» past).

We observed eradiation of warmth waves on the surface of the hands from finger tips and synchronous oscillations of the temperature (intensity of light) on both hands with the period of several minutes (Fig. 2).

Fig. 3 Fig. 3

As an answer to pain, the quick waves run above the hands (in a second scale). Even breathing pause (as well as smokerʼs wiff) caused evident reaction: decrease of intensity of infra-red eradiation, which reflected decrease of the blood flow. Selective stimulation of different organs: heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas — we observed in infra-red light that reacting parts of the skin are specific for each organ (Fig. 3)

Projective zones of different organs onto the skin are differentially contrasted in infra-red warmth eradiation. From left to right up and below: the heart (glucose test), pancreas (pharmacological test), and kidneys (pharmacological test).

Dynamic warmth-vision allowed to register reallocation of blood flow in the skin, caused by physical, and also mental stimuli: neuro induction to the examined person under hypnosis or even during self-hypnosis (Fig. 4)

Fig. 4 Fig. 4

Dynamic infra-red pattern, reflecting wave-like warming of the palms during self-hypnosis: «my hands become warm».

At the longer waves, tissues of the organism turn more transparecnt, then in infra-red, but intensity of warmth eradiation significantly decreases. Group of radio-warmth eradiation under the guidance of Valeriy Dementienko highly sensitive multichannel radiometers of decimeter and centimeter diapason were created (work with Valeriy started at the same time as together with Sasha Petrov we organized our Center at Starosadskiy). It provided opportunity to observe directly functional metabolism and blood flow in the brain cortex of the cerebrum: spontaneous and answer to various stimuli (visual, acoustic, motoric, etc.) For example, contralateral reactions of the cortex to the alternate contraction of left and right palms are shown at Fig. 5.

Fig. 5 Fig. 5

Radio-warmth reactions of the brain to the motoric stimulation: while exercising of the left hand, increases brightness in the right hemisphere, which reflects increase of metabolism and blood flow,

Fig. 5 Fig. 5

While contracting right palm, radio-warmth increases in the left hemisphere.

Thus dynamic radio-warmth mapping allowed reviewing dynamic of the temperature field (related to local metabolism and blood flow) during the sleep. While falling asleep, intensity of warmth eradiation decreased, warm patterns of the cortex specifically changed in different phases of the sleep, at some periods brightness of eradiation of certain regions of cerebrum increased to wakeful state. Another process was during hypnotic sleep: left hemisphere became colder (as during normal sleep), while right hemisphere warmed higher than in wakeful state.

In the millimeter diapason warmth eradiation is absorbed by water-containing tissues of the organism and comes from less depth (at the wave length 8 mm, the depth is about 1 mm). But this eradiation freely comes through the clothes, bandages, etc. Talented engineer-physic Ildar Valeev created not only highly-sensitive devices for distant (up to a meter) probing, but also original programming for dynamic mapping. Despite small depth of probing (skin) warmth pictures in millimeter diapason differ from infra-red ones, as the clothes is thermo isolating the body surface: temperature contrasts reveal at the larger depth. For example, as an answer to nitroglycerin intake, significant decrease of the brightness of the heart projection was observed. Thus absolutely not-influencing devices could be very useful for the monitoring of wound healing through the bandages, especially burns; for design of clothes, etc.

Group of electric fields measuring under the guidance of Ramil Musin detected visible electric potential around the man, measurable at the distance of several meters. These fields appeared modulated by physiological rhythms: of heart, breathe, micro tremor of the muscles. It was enough to raise the palm, and electrometer registered increase of the amplitude of signal and radical changing of spectra of micro tremor: from noise like to a single frequency of 20-20 Hz. It was shown that the source of electric field around the man is tribo-electric charge, condensed on the high resistant corneal layer of epidermis, covering the skin surface. As a result of this, any physiologic vibration of the body surface causes vibrations of electricity potential around the man. Vladimir Martynov has constructed unique device for dynamic mapping of physiological «seismic activity» of the body surface through the clothes (with sensitivity towards movements less than 100 micrometers). It allowed distinguishing illnesses of lungs and abdominal organs based on specific contrast of seismic activity of the body surface in the field their projections (due to contraction of the muscles above the ill organ). This device allowed studying dynamic patterns of different kinds of breathing, especially during yoga breathing exercises (Pranayama). Example of the mapping of such breathing is at Fig. 6

Fig. 6 Fig. 6

Space-time consideration of body movements in yoga breathing: at the left side below is instant pattern of the movements (amplitude has pseudo-color) at the moment of time marked on the graph; at the left side up and at the right side below are projections of the space-time movements of the cross and along body trunk lines correspondently; time graph is given for the pixel, related to the cross of the lines on the torso pattern.

Fundamental studies of warmth and mass transfer in the body tissues were conducted by the group under the guidance of Musin; which allowed finding correlation of the tribo-electric charge on the body surface with the speed of unpercievable perspiration (which provides warmth by-path from the organism) and local metabolism in the tissues. Increase of metabolism in a certain part of the body leads to increase of speed of unpercievable perspiration above it, decrease of resistance of the corneal layer at this part of the skin due to increase of water concentration in it, and as following, to decrease of tribo-charge on it, and electric potential near this part. Thus reallocation of electric field near the body surface is connected with reallocation of local metabolism inside it. On the basis of these works Musin has created unique non-invasive (without blood sampling) measurement of glucose level in the blood.

Magnetic field is the most transparent «window», through which one can review body life in its own «light». Brain, heart, muscles, nerves, etc. are «well seen» through this «window». But magnetic impulses, generated by bio-electric activity of the organism, are very weak (million times less than the level of Earth magnetic field, not saying of electromagnetic field in the city). Our magnetic group under the guidance of Andrey Matlashev and Yury Zhuravlev had the most problems while constructing the devices. Original SQUID sensors were created, electronics, fiberglass cryostats, system of electronic compensation of electromagnetic field, magneto protected room. As a result, high sensitive multi-channel magnetometers were constructed (now they are sold all over the world), which allowed to map bioelectric dynamics of the heart work, caused by sensory stimulation of the brain, etc.

Fig. 7 Fig. 7

Magnetic maps of the heart above torso at the R peak are shown on the magnetocardiogramm: left — normal, right — pathology (additional dipole source in the heart arrives, this can be observed).

Fig. 8a Fig. 8a

Magnetopletismogram, related to parametric modulation of the outer homogenous isotropic magnetic field (field of the Earth) during reallocation of paramagnetic blood in the heart: at the left is magnetopletismogram in comparison to magneto cardiogram; at the right if parametric magnetic map, characterizing blood ejection from the left ventricular.

Fig. 8b Fig. 8b

Temporal sequence of magnetic maps, characterizing reallocation of blood in the heart in the process of heart cycle.

During magnetic mapping of the brain for the patients with acoustic disturbance together with excellent neurophysiologist Vladimir Trush, we found out that in addition to weak answer onto the stimulation by the sound in the acoustic cortex there is different obvious reaction in another part of the cortex. This additional signal was rather unusual: it increased when intensity of the sound decreased (Fig. 9). Later we understood that this signal is responsible for the level of attention. It plays very important role at normal conditions during perception of sensory signals by the brain. It is large especially when perception in the main sensory zone is disordered signal is weak, and perception goes at the maximal concentration of the attention.

Fig. 9 Fig. 9
Fig. 9

Magnetic answers of the brain to the acoustic stimulation: above is the answer in acoustic cortex for the patient with normal acusis (horizontal magnetic dipole correlates to the vertical oriented flow in the listening cortex); below is the listening answer in the cortex of the patient with listening disorder: in addition to normal weak horizontal dipole below there is highly intense vertical dipole, which shows high level of t attention during perception.

Optical group under the guidance of experienced experimenter Yury Polyakov, created sensitive device for dynamic mapping of blood flow and metabolism in the brain and in the body (muscles, mamma, etc.). It was enough to take a breath stop, just to see significant decrease of blood filling and decrease of blood oxygenation. Specters of backward dispersed emission allowed observing changes of metabolism in the tissues.

Several years were needed to create all above mentioned channels of distant passive probing at the highest world level for object Nr 1 in this world — for the Human Body. Thus such radio physical mapping if integral as an attitude to the object, and whole-body — for the Man. For each separate channel space-time «landscape» characterizes system parameters for the whole organism. Cross-correlation of dynamic images of the organism in each channel reflects organization and condition of functional systems of the organism. For example, during stress (pain) stimulation the whole body trunk reacted simultaneously in infra-red and radio-warmth «light» (space length of correlation was about the body dimension), while in relax condition the length of correlation was several centimeters. This was the reason why one of the main methods of analysis of registered dynamic images was their functional segmentation to find out inner relationships. Inter-channel correlation of these images of the organism characterizes interconnectivity of the functional dynamics of different systems of the organism: bioelectric activity, blood flow, metabolism, etc. Usually results of distant mapping are analyzed with regard to earlier obtained modeling hypothesis of the organization of the object. During investigation of a man, physicists did not have such knowledge, and naturally asked the physicians. And then we saw the medicine has «took to pieces»; separate organs are investigated separately: brain, heart, lungs, muscles, etc. Nobody has seriously taken human organism as a whole. Vladimir I. Ilyin, vice-rector in sciences of the 1st Medical Institute, has taken part in the project from the very beginning and he helped us with medical partners. With his help we met and invited to our team Vladimir V. Suchkov, rare general-organism physiologist. He helped us to set up experiments and to interpret results. Above that we worked with the best Moscow medical specialists: cardiologists, pulmonologists, neurophysiologists, psycho-physiologists, oncologists, and others, which were interested to verify our most modern devices.

With modern devices we provided monitoring of physiological reactions of the patients to the influence of Juna. Usually after 1-2 minutes after the influence started, blood flow increased, especially in the region of pathology. For example at Fig. 8 dynamic of recovery of blood flow in the foot of a patient with obliterating endarteritis (smokerʼs illness).

Fig. 10 Fig. 10

Dynamic of warmth images in the feet of the patient with obliterating endarteritis in the process of influence of «paranormalist (extra-sense)». It is seen that during 10-20 minutes blood flow is practically restored.

During the work with the patients suffering from various pathologies of inner organs, warming up was observed in the field of skin projections of these organs (Fig.3). Thus the fact of physiological response of the organism to contactless and wordless influence of «paranormalist» was objectively confirmed. But we, physicists, could not judge about clinical aspects of such healing.

Taking in consideration that Juna was very busy with healing of very important (and for our Center) «upper» persons and could come for experiments 1-2 times per week, we practiced with «our own paranormalist» Yury Kharitonov, graduate of Physical Technological Institute (he was my closest colleague and Deputy in the Center).

We needed to understand, which physical channel allowed influence of the «paranormalistʼs» hand. For this we had to assess his sensitivity level towards such signals, in addition to the measurement of the signals, generated by the body. For this sub-conscious (sub-threshhold) perception it was critically important to choose physiological parameter, most sensitively reacting to the influence and method of its assessment. The leading role was of the R.Musinʼs group. It was demonstrated that corneal conductivity of corneal layer of epidermis could be used as such parameter: conductivity significantly increases even with small increase of speed of impalpable perspiration. Skin as the outpost of the body is «packed» with various receptors, including thermo receptors, which register temperature increase by few tenth of degree under influence of outer eradiation, and provide signal to the system of thermoregulation to increase speed of impalpable perspiration through the skin. To trigger warming up the skin for a few tenth of degree, very little intensity of eradiation (several hundreds of microwatt) per square centimeter is enough. Taking in consideration that intensity of infra-red warm eradiation of the body surface is about 10 milliwatt/cm² (ten times more than sensitivity), it is clear that skin of one person at the physiological level can react to the put finger from the distance of several centimeters. This it was demonstrated that warm infra-red eradiation could serve as a physical channel for contactless influence of the «paranormalist» hand on the patientʼs body. Manipulations of «paranormalist» could influence as contactless massage with feedback, as the hand has no less sensitivity than the patientʼs body. Success of such subconscious sensorial dialogue is defined, as usual, by the art of «request» towards the skin of the patient, and «understanding» of the answer. This is possible only at subconscious level.

When we compared measured threshold of sensitivity of skin receptors, which trigger own regulatory systems of the organism, and intensity of influence in the modern physiotherapy, it appeared, they are 100-1000 times higher than threshold. It means that physiotherapeutic healing is at the active overload (despite active resistance) of the system of thermoregulation of the body. Taking in consideration that thermoregulation system is not isolated, but «knotted» with many other systems of the body, this healing goes amid disturbance of the body regulation.

Above investigation of paranormalists with the help of passive dynamic mapping methods, we studied reaction of the organism to the verbal sensorial stimulation during hypnosis. It was great to see the reactions of the brain and the body of the patient during several minutes towards suggested stimuli: warmth, cold, running, etc. These were hardly distinguished from the answers to corresponding real stimuli. We have made sure several times that body condition if formed by the subconscious sensorial information. These experiments became possible due to our connection with good psycho-physiologist Vladimir Fayvishevsky.

Slowly with the experienced we understood that the organism very sensitively «bends an ear», listens «whisper» and negatively reacts to the «shout». Weal signals are perceived subconsciously, but actively, with maximum attention signal (Fig. 7) by the sensory organs, and by the receptors all over the skin surface. Body functioning is based on the huge informational streams from inner organs, muscles, skin (about the outside conditions) — towards central nervous system and back. Cortex realizes only the head of this huge informational «iceberg». Body functioning is mostly formed by the «underwater» subconscious part. Thus the conclusions that if one «does not feel» influence of the «paranormalist», it does not exist — is not true. Unfortunately radical loud influence («loud shout»), which is needed in surgery only, dominates practically in all modern medicine, including therapy. Surgeon or radical medicine works quickly. Weak influences, activating self-regulation, require as usual more time than radical treatment. In many cases such treatment can exclude «surgery» (and strong drugs). But modern patient does not trust it as does not feel influence in the process of such treatment… In case of success after several days (or weeks) he thinks: «healed by itself…» But this is the target of actual treatment: activate body self-regulation; let it remedy failure by itself.

Above is described the small part of what we have done. Main time and work was devoted to development of the basis to investigate impalpable sensorial influences. We have just started learning of the most interesting: how delicately (subconsciously) activate regulation of the whole body, to let it «see» disturbances and normalize them.

Above is only suspense. Further way was clear. Main problem is not scientific, but administrative: how to continue the project in uneasy conditions of modern Russia?

«Paranormalist phenomenon: what has physicists observed»


Chapters of the Book

Physics test us

As I have already mentioned, when we started dealing with this exotic theme, scientific society (physics) looked at us suspiciously. No wonder as the newspapers were very light and emphatic. Also some serious academicians added oil to the flame with colorful stories about their unserious experiments at the apartments. Scientific society is very critical to its members «on top». Constructive criticism moves the science. That is the reason why I was always ready to tell about our approach and discuss it with our opponents. The harder discussion is more useful. At the beginning people came as if to the circus to watch how the fighters with pseudo-science beat me up. One of heads of physical experiment — V.Ya.Pokrovsky (with whom I started my work in physics of semiconductors) — had several tomes told me that «I do not like your new theme». But I liked the theme myself more and more. Very soon people made sure that we built our approach in a very certain and professional way from the passive sondage towards the most interesting non-physical object — the man. My report at the seminar of Mikhail Vladimirovich Wolkenstein was very indicative, as this corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences was one of the leading fighters against pseudo-science. T was in the large conference room of the Institute of Molecular Biology. Many people cane. Probably to see how I would be beaten… After two hours of questions, after hard discussion, Mikhail Vladimirovich suddenly said: «end of seminar is delayed till next time, reporter is tired…» I was so much surprised that said I was not tired. Then M.V. came to me and whispered: «I am tired, and I am older than you…» it was marvelous. After this (and the second seminar) we came to the mutual understanding. And he finally crossed me out of the list of pseudo-scientists. I have made many reports about our works at scientific seminars, physical schools, Houses of scientists, etc. As a result scientific community recognized and respected us. When in 1984 Yu.Gulyaev became academician in the department of Informatics, computing technics and automatization (and not only this), he spent several hours with us, actively discussing our works. Famous physic-theoretic, academician A.B. Migdal was very interested in our works. Force of modern theory is borderless: he at his leisure has suggested possibility of existing of other forces between living body and non-living object as explanation of Kulaginaʼs telekinesis (other forces than those exist between just two physical objects)… When I told him about our experiments and possibility of quantitative explanation via electrostatics, he without regret refused his idea and became deeply interested by our science. He visited us several times. Twice I have made reports at his seminar in the large conference room of Moscow Engineering Technical Institute. Discussion was very interesting and hard, as should be by physicists.

So step by step scientific interest to our work was warmed up so that it was decided to make joint seminar of the Departments of physics and astronomy together with the department of nuclear physics — in the «sancta sanctorum» — in the Institute of physical problems. Academician V.L.Ginsburg was the Chairman. Conference hall was overcrowded, the corridor also (there was translation over there). Very symbolic for me was the spectacle-case on one of the chairs of the first row, left by academician A.S. Borovik-Romanov (he did this when needed to leave for a moment). I have made report at the famous desk (where physicists have «fired» many reporters)… I felt no uncertainty: it was very interesting to discuss our science with strong opponents. After report and discussion were over, deeply respected Vitaly Lasarevish (Borovik-Romanov) said that our work is a rare case when the miracles are dealt at the level, accepted in physical experiment. This acceptance was highly important for us: the results have to be discussed with medics. After this I have twice told about our works at the famous theoretical seminar of V. L. Ginsburg in the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences. It happened so that during discussion of our work in the Bureau of the departments of the general physics and astronomy I hastily said that the level of physical experiment is no lower than in the Institute of physical problems. After this A. S. Borovik-Romanov upon request of Bureau head A. M. Prokhorov visited our Center to see in details. And we were finally accepted.

Our approach to the miracles

I have generally allowed possibility of bio-miracles, especially sensory, which existence is out of the frames of mathematics, chemistry, biology. I do not like the term «extra-sensory», supposing that we are out of the sensory frames… But science is the only reliable way to identify them and pack into our world-view. For the scientists phenomenon is «simply» an object for investigation, professional deed (and «miracle» is a «dirty word»…) With the help of the science instead of exotic «bio fields» and «auras» have seen various dynamic picture of functioning human being in its own light. In stream with existing physical knowledge this picture appeared clear and consistent enough. One could «touch» everything, measure and starting point for deeper investigation or practical use. In process of this work we analyzed and strictly scientifically set down sensory phenomena. Did not discrown them. Setting their credibility was out of the frames of our profession. And I have always remembered that our knowledge is in physics only. We did not find any miracles from the physical point of view. But main science about the human body is not physics, but physiology; and sensory and psycho-physiology when speaking about sensory phenomena.

I have already said that possibility of distant physical contact (which we have shown) of paranormalist and subject is not the only explanation of this phenomenon. Sensory interaction through the sensory organs stands behind it, vision first of all. Such psycho-physiological sensory dialogue (massage) at the unconscious level could be at the basis not only diagnostics, but relieving of subjectʼs condition («treatment»). This delicate (at the sensory level unconscious interactive massage) can activate body self-regulation. This is no more than the possible model to explain the miracle in an ordinary way. Not in physics, but in the less known field — psychophysiology. I value diagnostics higher than «treatment» because paranormal diagnostics is no more than revealing possibly disturbed area of the body. When paranomalist (usually without medical education) tries to put medical diagnosis, «charm» evaporates. Treatment means activation of the body resources with «self-healing». And this is not the optimal way of treatment. I shall tell more about this.

Placebo effect

Trust, subjectʼs belief to the healer is one more important psycho-physiologic component of «paranormalist» phenomenon. Healing from the icons has similar effect. When Juna was at the peak of her glory, the most «believing» subjects healed (better say: self-healed) just at her appearance in the hall: seeing her, listening to her, «praying to her»… This is how «psycho-physiologic component» works. In medicine it is called — «placebo».

Pharmaceutical companies use placebo during new clinical studies, placebo looks the same as the medication. Double-blind method: subjects and doctors do not know, what was assigned, but everyone believes that gets medication. Tablets have numbers; they are unblinded and analyzed after clinical study results are received. To confirm effect of medication it is important that % of subjects with health improvement is significantly higher for medication group than for placebo group. This would confirm chemistry of the influence. And is needed to get registration for marketing. But there are cases that % if health improvement is rather high in both groups. It depends on the type of disease and of usually advertised level of hope for the new medication. Similar result is considered negative for medication. But it also means that placebo is better than medication. Why not investigate in detail the nature of psycho-physiologic influence, to make it better controlled. This is not done as psycho-physiology (apart from chemistry, physics and other sciences) did not reach the level of technology required for the development level… This is radically system-level, whole-body science, which is much more complicated than exact sciences, and thus is less developed in modern civilization.

Interesting experience was received by one famous healer from Odessa. As he told himself with much humor, when he gave all his forces and worked individually with the subject, he did not take money. Healing effect was there, but not always. Then he started to work with the group of subjects and take money for the work, and result improved. When he became famous and lot of people wanted to come, he provided healing by post-office: it was enough for the subject to send e-mail with description of his diseases and put money. Health improvement was guaranteed. And this is not charlatanism (while there is a place for this as well) in this case: this healer can do at close distant the same as other paranormalists. This is placebo-effect.

Similar situation is the case Kashpirovsky, of psychotherapist with diploma; and journalist Tchumak. Kashpirovsky started as a doctor with individual healing of about ten subjects per day. We can say that efficiency of his work was 100%, he helped to everybody. It was hard professional work, which did not provide neither glory, nor big money. When he started working with the audience at the stadiums and especially at the TV, efficiency of his direct professional influence on the subject (without seeing him and without feedback) should have fallen thousand times. But from hundred-thousand-million potential subjects there is the hundred, which are «inspired for the healing» by his image. This is effect of «large numbers». These few write to the publishers, come to TV (most of subjects, which did not get improvement, just stay silent). It gives glory and belief, effect similar to placebo-effect. Journalist Tcumak (professional «engineer of the human souls») «heals» the same way, starting just form the large audience. Very small part (most suggestible and «at bay: with their disease) part of the audience (several hundred from the million audience) believe him, get relief and glorify him in their letters. This glory and belief have enough in reserve and influence even water, «charged» by him. But if this water gives similar effect, it means that he himself does not have healing influence onto the subjects (and he does not pretend he has). The water, «charged» by the belief in the healing is classic placebo-effect: «sugar tablet», indistinguishable by sight from the registered medication. One can say that not Kashpirovsky or Tchumak, but subjects themselves «heal in their presence» as by the «miraculous icons»: effect depends on the level of belief in healing. Target of this analysis is not to de-crown Kashpirovsky and Tchumak (it is bad to de-crown «icons» which help to the people to heal), but — to draw attention of serious science towards investigation of this psycho-physiologic phenomenon in order to control its use in medicine.

If one can understand system language of psycho-physiologic perception to activate regulatory resource of the organism, he will find the better way to improve health. But it is opposite to dominating medical and technological approach, based on the strong targeted influences (chemical, mechanical or other).

After information about us as serious team of physicists, working with paranormalists, was spread in the world, we got requests (from UK, USA, Bulgaria, China, India, etc.) to assess their «wizards» with our devices. Moreover we got suggestion to organize certification of paranormalists. We understood this would be absolute profanation. Diagnostic and treatment effect could be assessed by medicals only. Physicists could provide technical support, after certification of devices by medicals.

Chi Kung master

Once we were officially asked by Chinese embassy to see the work of Chi Kung master in our laboratory, he has specially arrived from Beijing. Chi Kung is one of the variations of classic Chinese medicine, including art of distant healing. It was intriguing and we agreed. Together with medicals we sorted several «acute» subjects with known (physicists like working models) obliterating endarteritis (smokerʼs disease). The subjects were brought from the clinic (surgery department) of the 1st Medical Institute to our laboratory. Subject was situated in a separate block; objective of infra-red dynamic thermograph as targeted on his affected leg to observe dynamic of blood flow in the process of influence by Chi Kung Master. I have asked master to sit near the subject to provide influence. I have explained that we do not need records and reliability and clearness of the results are important for us. But he insisted and sat on a chair 2-3 meters from the block, where was the subject. We have preliminary agreed that he should begin and stop his influence by my wordless command. I sat near him and raised and put down my finger to start and to stop correspondingly. Every time I looked at the clock. Experiment lasted for half an hour. All this time thermograph registered thermal images (characterizing picture of blood supply of the tissues) of the subjectʼs foot with interval 10 seconds between images. Neither master, not me could see the monitor, which showed registered changes of the blood supply of the foot. All this time master was just sitting on his chair and, different of our paranormalists, did not show visible activity. I was shocked with the result. When we analyzed the record it became obvious that each time the master started at my command, the temperature (especially in the affected region) increased, blood supply increased up to the point when I commanded to stop. Then the temperature of the affected region practically did not change (was at the plateau) till the next period of influence, which increased temperature to the higher plateau. During the time of our experiment, blood supply in the foot has nearly completely restored. We repeated influence at the same subjects the next day and a day after. As a result one of them was discharged from the clinic with significant improvement. While earlier he was prepared for the surgery. What is the mechanism of Chi Kung master influence (which sensory channel he could influence0 I do not know, even now… And thus actually did not tell about this before: in physics we do not discuss phenomenon without approach to explanation. Apart from usual paranormalists, we did not register any sensory contact between master and the subject: definitely not infra-red emission… But the obvious clinical effect was there.

Strange, why Chinese or other medics did not provide professional clinical verification of Chi Kung influence, mechanism of this influence is not important. Possibly such healing is difficult to certify, as difficult is to certify placebo effect.

To reveal possible physical carriers of the influence we needed additional experiments, for which there was no time… Taking in consideration that subjectʼs compartment was sound-insulated, I could only consider some unconscious acoustic sensory contact between master and subject, invisible for experimentalists.

In the Chinese group, above Chi Jung master, there was — as we understood this — ordinary paranormalist. She was called «ordinary talented», I mean — untrained. She demonstrated the same as other paranormalists. Very interesting that he passes (movements of the hands) were very similar to the technique of Juna, Kharitonov, Bulgarian paranormalists, which we observed. As if all of them studied «in one school»…

For experiments with Chu Kung master we have engaged prof. V.malyavin from the Institute of Far East of the Academy of Sciences. Master spoke Chinese only. Malyavin had not freely spoken Chinese, but wrote several books in Chinese philosophy and medicine. He helped us to find one language with the master, in addition to the good translator.

It was very interesting to talk to him as he was the scientist of absolutely different («orthogonal» to mine) worldview of our common world.

Doubtful miracles

In general we got very many signal of sensory phenomena. We reacted as usual to the orders «from above» (the same as our Project was ordered) with look-into-this resolve. But even with this a small part of orders reached the experimental stage. It is so in science (at least, in physics): the more exotic is the order (phenomenon), the more reliable should be evidences of its existence, to start seriously working with its mechanism. «Seen with own eyes» — cannot be a serious evidence for us. For this reason we did not start to study «telepathy». A group of Americans (including M. Murfy) did experiments with Juna, during which she as if «saw»: described certain place (a square) in California. At the same time she has never been there and did not know where it was. But there was American from the team, and she is if read his eye perception. And all the evidences were absolutely questionable like «believe me». And above the borders of scientific knowledge. For this reason we did not start this work. At socialistic times the customers from above relied as usual upon the opinion of the scientists (at least, physicists) and did not insist in questionable cases. And we started exotic like telekinesis, skin seeing, paranormalists («bio-field») not because had reliable evidences of their actual existence. But behind each of these phenomena we saw scientific hypothesis, and could experimentally ascertain that suggested mechanism could work. After this evidence is obtained, the argument «this is charlatanism» is no more actual. Finding possible mechanism we could always provide phenomenon as «Magi of the Pharaoh» repeated «divine miracles» of Moses.

Hidden potential of sensory perception

Paranormalistʼs phenomenon was the most interesting one, I should say — fundamental. Analyzing sensory perception during study of this phenomenon, I gave less attention to earlier irritating meaning: «para»: this perception had unique design. From the obtained knowledge it appeared that living systems communicate (interactively deal with each other, remember, etc.) with tied images which have large quantity of parameters. And while this communication, the image is not split into various parameters, also there is no assessing of each of them apart (as in modern systems of discrete information transmission). Silent sensory dialogue via images is not only potential mechanism of «communication» of paranormalist and the subject. There us the whole line of phenomena. It starts from the complete understanding of mother and child, without words. A man and his dog also do not need words. Then talk of eyes and body in the dance. Sensory dialogue has everything required for so called «paranormal diagnostics and healing». Partners provoke and copy dynamic poses. Healthy (and more «relaxed» in the movements) partner could feel possible muscle «tension» of another one, and unconsciously modeling this limitation on himself, could find out part of the body with latent pathology, of which even the owner is not aware (finding the source with such modeling is called solving of inverse problem). I have already mentioned that muscles cramp above the irritated appendicitis or other inner organs in pain or disorder. This protective reaction — muscles cramping usually creates obstacle for the normal function and treatment. In case of lungs pathology, muscles cramping of the chest aggravates breathing. Radiculitis makes difficulties to stretch the vertebral spine as due to pain syndrome muscles are cramping. So healthy partner could feel the problem in his own body and adaptively provide dynamic pattern of the dance, to relax part of the body which is in tension, and assist healing. I am sure that the teacher of dances (not modern dances) could work as the best paranormalist.

In this world most important things are transmitted without noise and at «minimum of the words». Image is deep way of information transmittal, taking in consideration our associative way of perception. Words «cut» the sense of the image into «parts».

Mathematician Yu.I.Manin (who tried to understand how memory is organized together with psycho-physiologists) came to conclusion that all sensory images, which a man meets in his life, are stored in cortex; and these could be reproduced with small details. For example there are pathologies, when a man starts to behave as if he is in the environment 30 years ago: tries to put a hat on the hanger, where it was… Taking in consideration that brain gets not only outer images, but sensory patterns of inner world of the body during the whole life; why not consider that could also «play». We can suppose that associative memory has the individual system image of the healthy organism, which could be triggered during sensory dialogue!!! We are not able to re-construct complicated functional image, which has everything required for health, it is not real; but we can «wake» it, extract from the memory by sensory stimulation. How to find and understand this sensory «golden key»?!

Problem of unique sensory perception stood behind the «paranormalists» phenomenon. This way of perception is multi-modal and uses very informative language. Various sensory modalities add possibilities of each other. For example high selectivity of auditory analyzer towards variation of the signal amplitude, together with visual analyzer towards contours of the image. Professional dancers perceive plastic of each other not only visually (visual cortex), but auditory (acoustic cortex) — through music of the dance. It is especially good seen if the music is quiet or switched off. As we have seen earlier, attention is sharpened to distinguish images. There is oriental diagnostic method — pulse diagnostic — distinguishes about one hundred acoustic images: from «zero» pulse to «bubbling» pulse, etc. Pulse is perceived by tactile receptors on the finger tips, not by ears… And the result is «colored» and recognized in acoustic scale. Interaction of different analyzers not only tactile or acoustic, but visual (example: reading printed music) significantly elevates potential to recognize the image, combining strong components of various sensory modalities. This happens during processing of the signal in sensory cortex, parts of which interact with each other.

Unfortunately study of sensory perception is out of limits of physics. I was lucky to meet very interesting psychologist-mathematician Evgeny N. Sokolov (psychological faculty of the Moscow State university). We observed the same approach to study this problem. He suggested writing a book together. Then Arthyr N. Lebedev (Institute of Psychology of Academy of sciences) joined us. Together we prepared scientific project «Functional mapping of the brain», targeted on investigation of sensory perception and processing of sensory information in the brain with our methods and devices.

May 2010

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