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About soul organization, choice and spiritual development

Arkady G. Aseev

How is soul organized, how does it make choice? Let’s start from its organization. Soul consists of 5 parts. Being whole, it has 3 parts inside of the body, and 2 — outside.

Inside the body there are animal soul, human soul and divine soul.

Animal soul is the lowest, it lives in the belly. In the old times people were used to say: “Goddess of Life (Ziva) lives in the belly” [“Zhivot — zdes’ Zhiva zhivet” that is how it sounds in Russian]. Animal soul is responsible for the animal-level requirements: food, sleep, pleasures, sex, and also for natural, vitality, health and long life. Main qualities of this soul are — laziness and stupidity. One has to turn animal soul to the right direction. If turned in a right way, it fills the body with vitality and health, and man will live in a state of bliss. Key word for animal soul is “want”.

Divine soul is the highest soul, it is in the head. It is mostly connected with the Creator. Through this soul Creator connects to the man and tells him, what better to do in life, how to improve himself and come to Him. One does not have this soul from the birth, its origin and development starts since 9 years, in the best case. This soul is responsible for wisdom. In ancient Russia it was called Vasilisa, in Greece — Sofia (wisdom). Mind — is the main quality of this soul. One can easily lose it. So there is a proverb: “When the Creator wants to punish a man, he takes away his mind.” Nowadays there are many people living without mind. It does not man they are crazy. Before 9 years old actually no one has divine soul, but is not crazy. Key word for divine soul is “must”.

Middle soul — human — lives in the chest. It is connected with emotions and highest sense manifestations. Only this part of the whole soul organism takes on a new life in a new body after death. Low and highest parts of the soul are destroyed, when man dies. Human soul is responsible for all choices done. Human soul could be on pain and dash around. We improve human part of the soul during our life.

Ideally all souls should have certain space proportions. Drop-shaped or pear-shaped forms are ideal, when divine soul is the largest. This ideal was visible in the form of the shield of Russian knights; shield of this form was nailed at the gates of Tsargrad by Knyaz Oleg after the great victory. Ancient Egyptians had similar shields, a bit truncated at the bottom. Vajra has ideal form in the oriental tradition, with its larger upper part.

Majority of people lead their soul in such a way, that they do not have divine soul — wisdom — at all. They might have huge animal soul, where human soul swims, being a tiny part on the very bottom, often shifting down to the boots. (About soul in the boots a lot could be said, but it is not theme of this article.) Another variant is possible: animal soul is very large, human is inside it, and on the head is a tiny bump, rudimentary divine soul.

Animal soul is an auto, human — a driver. If a driver is driving the car, it is normal; if the car is moving at such speed that the driver cannot manage with it — this is a big problem for both auto and driver, and future catastrophe is only a question of time.

Let us have a look how human soul takes choice.

When a girl goes to the shop and there are various kinds of sweets, she thinks, which to buy — this is not a choice, this is preference. Everything is calm, no battle. Because preference is done by animal soul, not by human. Battle, and even war, could be on the front line. Front is in the places, where the souls touch each other. There are 2 places of soul contiguity: one is between animal and human soul, another — between human and divine souls. Battle, war, which makes a man feel bad, uneasy, or even cause diseases, is only on the front line. There is no war in the rear, everything is peaceful, there are preferences, regrouping of the forces, but not the real choices done.

Making right choices bring us nearer on our road to the Creator, it helps us to become better, just this makes us humans. Following preferences of the animal soul, we become humanoids, no more.

Now the most interesting part.

In the places of soul contiguity certain beings arise. We could hear them as voices inside us. And there are two voices. If somebody says, he has only one inner voice; it means he is complete egoist. It means that animal soul has completely forced out divine soul. To have two voices is normal. Majority of people constantly lead inner dialogue with themselves. A dialogue! Because there are two beings.

One voice belongs to the being, which contacts divine soul and the Creator, and transmits received knowledge to the human soul. This is good being. Another voice belongs to the being, which transmits will of the animal soul. This is evil being in the human. One contacts various spirits in astral, and “evil force” through this evil being. It is also called demon the tempter, evil angel. Good being contacts with the Leader, guardian angel.

Many things become easier for understanding through the meanings of the words. In English, which is one of Aryan languages, “live” means “to be alive”. Inside out is “evil” — harm, something bad, what destroys life, destroys right way of living.

Evil being is destroying human life, even at the level of animal soul. And first of all tries to destroy the road of human soul towards highest development, to the Creator, towards highest achievements one could get.

Most of PR, advertising, political technologies in the world are based on what the evil being says to the human, on its methods. This evil disguises, pretending to be good one, and as if gives advises from the position of a man. This inner voice advises not to strain oneself, not to waste forces, go with the current, and be in peace with everything, to find explanations to all his weakness and laziness, basing on the characteristic of animal soul. One as if does nothing bad, he just allows everything to happen. This being tends at a maximum to put a man down to the animal level of existence. For example, in the morning one has to start early, but inner vice says: “No, have some more sleep, otherwise you will come to work with panda eyes, and would not be able to work well. Does it make sense? Better have more sleep.” Or the good being says: “You must practice.” “No, I am not in the mood, — says evil being, — better tomorrow. One day will not make weather, and tomorrow — will do.” And he same happens on the next day: “Nothing bad! Just one day!” And one more, etc. As a result man does not practice regularly, and his development is significantly slower or is stopped at all. There could be too many examples.

Inner voice of evil sounds loud and mighty. Voice of good is quiet and weak. Modern man is not used to listen to the good voice. He tends to occupy all his free time, not to allow this voice awake; to exclude even possibility to think how would be better for him to live. He deafens at a maximum his good voice. Everyone has his own methods: music, internet, endless travels, meetings, business activities, interactions, huddle, clambake, haunt, cinema, work, alcohol. This is characteristic of our time. But in all epochs evil had one task — to lead man away from his development, or at least not to allow him get to his peak. Evil tries to fool the man, not to allow him to become perfect, not to allow him to fulfill his mission, to reach his real target.

One more characteristic of evil in the man reveals itself as spirit of contradiction. Say something to a man, he will tend to do controversial. Even to the huge foolishness, to absurdity. There are many cases when spirit of contradiction, evil being makes idiotic things. One can look into himself and easily find this. These are manifestations of evil angel. Just a question: who is the boss for a man — he or the evil angel?

Evil being is also fond of calming, saying that everything is not so bad, one has not to believe this or that, all will be OK, other people lived so, and I shall live, nothing bad happens, etc.

Battle between good and evil is in the souls of majority of people. Battle brings pain. When one of these beings wins finally, pain stops. Whose victory of these two would you personally prefer?

You can take a decision — agree with your human soul and good being, to lead soul towards spiritual development. When divine soul and good being become strong enough, pain and lashes stop. But one has to remember that evil will not easily capitulate, it will resist with all his might, tending to lead away from the highest way. It is always hard to climb a mountain. Coming down is much easier. But on the top man is revealed in his beauty, his wings open. Evil makes obstacles. That is why there are so few people, who reached highest condition for a man — rainbow body. And women — even more few, nearly no one.

I shall shortly describe two mighty forces, acting in a man. First is imagination. Imagination is ability of human soul. If imagination is absolutely and completely under control of mind, it becomes creator of new worlds, not known before. In all other cases it corrupts the reality: embellishes it or emasculates; creates unreal world, where human soul lives.

When imagination is under control of evil, man is destroyer in all his life. When it tends to animal, man likes body pleasures. When it tends to human soul, man is jealous and envious. Only awakened mind can change situation, giving searchlight, dispelling illusions, allowing seeing future.

Tameless imagination is not constant, flies from one to another, making no long stops anywhere. One of the consequences is: people like listen or view the news. Imagination does not allow getting concentrated on anything; it is the main cause of psychic illnesses. People cannot get rid of thoughts, cannot fall into sleep quickly, do not sleep well, etc. Imagination helps to sell useless things. Advertising is based on imagination.

One having rich imagination usually beats up his life. First of all he draws unreal, while possible pictures, unreal worlds and revels in them. Meeting with reality, man sees that it. Meeting with reality, man sees that it significantly differs with what his imagination has shown him. Man starts to blame everyone of injustice, suffers, and is in depression. Life of many people as a result goes different from what they wanted, many of them fall. Why? Because a man has corrupted reality in his imagination. Imagination is similar to film exhibition — it can fool man only in the darkness. Light dispels illusions of imagination, as in cinema, illusory pictures pale and disappear with the force of the outer light. Man can easily find this was illusion.

What is this light? Where did it come from? Light is our mind. It illuminates everything. Mind allows man to see clear and precise, to see reality as it is. Mind is situated in the brain, first of all in the epiphysis. Light flashes there first of all, and man starts to illuminate darkness around with his mind. Close your eyes: if you see darkness, mind is not awake yet. Just to note: one might have mind, but it does not give searchlight, while it sleeps. Longer you live via imagination; later the mind is activated, or might never wake up. With awakened mind one opens telegnosis, his predictions become very exact. Clear head, telegnosis, and enlightenment — this is second mighty force. Holiness is reached when man is absolutely free of imagination control over him, when there is no darkness in the heart, but the pure light. Then evil angel is completely defeated. Further on — complete light in the man — rainbow body.

Main distinctive characteristic of mind — opposite to imagination — is that mind likes to dig deep, dig to the roots. While imagination is pang-wangling, flying on tops.

Only light of mind can save man from illusions, dispel them; dispel darkness in the conscious with searchlight. There are not many such people. But everyone, and also you, can become completely actualized, go all the way through and enter world of souls, where new opportunities and roads start.

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