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Reason to Live

Arkady G. Aseev

Probably there is no one who does not think what the reason to live is. Many teenagers seek the answer to this question. They either do not find and forget about it; or proceed to seek it becoming adults. Often also do not find and just live as the life flows.

The answer to this question seems evident. Let’s look into it.

Do you remember what Goethe said in his «Faust»? «Reason to live is life itself». His hero was long seeking reason to live, and found it at last. What could be more easy and exact? But most of the people are not satisfied with this answer. Seems the answer is just another commonplace and fraud; it gives no satisfaction.

We can discuss that top important in life is to live, have pleasure and give pleasure to the others, to broaden life around you by planting trees, etc. Some say that we ourselves provide reason to live for our lives. Still sounds unsatisfactory. Do you agree?

Lack of agreement and satisfaction arise as we understand sometimes very deep inside what we can hardly feel at all: we all shall die. And here the questions appear: why do we need reason to live at all, if we shall anyhow die? It is useless.

Some people, mostly women, think the reason to live is in children. Let’s look at it directly, not hiding details from consciousness. Earlier it was considered that each individual is mortal, but society, humankind is immortal. And our children will carry part of us further. Thus we reach immortality in our descendants. Now scientists understand that humankind in general is mortal as well. Sometime later all humankind dies. No way around.

So there is no sense to think that giving birth to the children is the reason to live.

Then what is reason to live? The answer is very simple. To Live. Just live. Not die. Live forever.

If life is leading to death, then death is conclusion of all life, after all difficulties and hardships. It appears to be hidden reason to live. One can set a goal to die nicely. But death is the reason anyhow.

Or set another reason for life: be conscious of life and do all to live. To live, and not to die. You will ask: how to live? If life is sorrows and sufferings, hardly you need it, especially long. Quality of life for the infinite life should be high.

So we are now close the problem of immortality. Let’s look at this as well. The questions arise themselves. Did immortality ever exist? Is it possible for a man in principle?

Let’s come to the origin. The Bible says that first people — Adam and Eve — were immortal. Further on. Why did they lose immortality, and all of us are now mortal? The Bible tells about it. They have violated God’s precaution and ate fruits from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And by doing this they have significantly damaged their nature, became mortal, got illnesses and sufferings of different kinds: from cold, hunger, thirst, etc. After they have damaged their nature, the God could not leave them in the Paradise, so significant were the damages. They arrived in the paradise on earth. And the damages of their nature are inherited by all descendants. And as a result we suffer, get ill, become old and die.

The following questions appear: can we cure these damages? Is it possible to be united with God, and become immortal? Now it becomes much more difficult.

It is easy to kill a man; this could be done in a second. But to give birth, educate and grow until a man becomes adult — this is a big work. It takes about 20 years. While to destroy this work does not take long.

The same with human nature: quick and easy to damage, but to cure after…

Modern reality as we know it from Western culture is the following: Christianity shows the way through immortality of the soul and then total resurrection.

There is another way, about which a few have knowledge, it was preserved until our days only in the East, and in a very few places. This way allows reaching immortality in the life on Earth, reaching rainbow body of light, transforming physical body to the thinnest light. Actually the body disappears from the material layer completely, leaving ideally nothing, sometimes — hair and nails as dead parts of a man. In this case human nature is cured and restored completely.

All religions agree in one point, which is shortly formulated by Christ: «Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.» Reaching complete inner purity allows direct contact with God.

Then if there is relevant learning and conditions to follow it, you can cure your damages and reach immortality.

So we can say that reason to live is not just infinite life, but immortality in happiness. While happiness is complete unity with God, which those who read my articles already know

Now that we are clear with this question, let’s look what modern civilization suggests regarding immortality.

It is well known that science actively seeks the way to provide immortality to the people. There are two branches of research: creation of a man-cyborg with conscious transferred into computer space; and genetic research setting a goal either to find and switch off the gene of death, or find the gene of immortality and switch it on.

Let’s review both options.

It is clear that cyborg will never become a man. He will always need repair parts and various service. Also to create a program which will boldly state that it is the personality of the customer, make the customer believe it, and then destroy him (the customer), letting cyborg live — all this is significantly easier than transferring the human conscious into computer.

Another way: geneticists found the way to make a man immortal. What do you think: will the corporation-developer, who provides immortality, make a man completely dependent slave, or not? Just look: to kill a man in this case is as easy as any ordinary one.

If any of these two ways will become real, it will definitely get under control of these who now pretend to be world government. They are already now having the world under control. Just think: what will be the world, where these people grant immortality to somebody. Would you like to live in it?

Humankind was always seeking immortality. Losing contact with God, it decided to build Paradise on Earth. So early or late immortality will be reached in these forms. Will there be unity with God? And will these people be happy?

Or we better seek another way for immortality: via spiritual development and unity with God?

March, 25th, 2014

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