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About Information and Energy

Arkady G. Aseev

This article is describing information and energy, and their interrelation.

First of all, we need clear definitions.

Norbert Wiener, establisher of cybernetics, spoke about information in the following way: «Information is neither materia, nor energy, information is information.» It is obvious that he described information as one of the most fundamental grounds of the world.

There are many dozens of definitions for information, mostly interconnected. Situation is worse as the word itself is foreign, not Russian. Every Russian word has image behind it, which gives explanation. Foreign word also should have such image. Let us find it.

There are two Latin words, which could be helpful: 1. «information — explanation; 2. «informare» — to give a form. First definition allows understanding the word in its common form. It means various data, regardless of the form in which they are presented. Second definition is better for understanding of the sense of this word. It allows us to presume that information is somehow related to the form. We give form to something. What are we forming?

Information is basic concept in the Universe. Let’s us investigate this fundament from the time, when there was nothing.

The data, received via Metacontact (channeling), show that at these very old times there was ether, thinnest and strongest media, consisting of info quants (details you can find in our Glossary). Later all the material was formed of info quants, they are the smallest inseparable particles. Info quants bound in certain sequence, form all physical particles and chemical elements.

Ether is thin-material media. Info quants bound in certain structures formed at first simplest forms or images. While condensing, they became what we call now — solid material. Actually there is no thick, impermeable material, but there are images, forms of various densities. We consider them to be solid material, but they are transparent for the beings from Spiritual Hierarchies, as well as for some spirits.

So information is — images. They could be simple, permeable, and abstract. For example, ciphers 0 and 1, combinations of which are in all our calculating machines.

For me who prefers Russian language, it is interesting to stress that Russian word «Knowledge» is close to the word «Information». Knowledge — are the images, contained in the memory. Memory could belong to various beings, and it also could be memory of Absolute.

Now let us review definition of energy. The word is not Russian and relatively new. If we look into the physics reference, we could find more than 10 various formulas, describing energy. Most of these definitions are not connected. Let’s have a look, what is uniting them.

In all cases energy is scalar value, being measure of different kinds of movement of materia. And these kinds of movement could be qualitatively different, for this reason energy is divided into mechanical, nuclear, electromagnetic, etc.

As we know info quant is the smallest inseparable particle, and material particle. While energy is measure of movement of materia. It becomes obvious that energy is not independent phenomenon, but just characteristic of materia. Thus energy could not be primary neither towards to info quant, nor towards information, nor towards knowledge. Energy is just ability of information, its characteristic, nothing else.

And not the best characteristic, as we see from definition. And this is no surprise. Very rare new is better than old, tested by centuries and milleniums.

Let me explain you what I mean. Energy is scalar value. it does nor have direction. Due to this reserved energy could be very large, but not always one could use it. Bright example: famous Einstein formula — E=mc². Potentially everyone has huge energy due to the mass of physical body. But try to use it anyhow... you will fail. Similar situation is with other forms of energy. A form or volume might have very large quantity of information and energy, but this information does not work, does not lead to the changes, to the results — because it was not given direction.

Let us consider force, which is more important concept. Force is vector value, it is measure of mechanical influence of one object to another object (or other objects). This influence could be within contacting objects, and also objects at some distance from each other. Physical field, of simply field is a particular form of materia, binding particles of the substance into the system and transmitting influence of some particles to another. Gravitational and electromagnetic are the most important physical fields. Mechanical influence of one body to another other bodies) is revealed in two ways. First of all, direction of movement of the bodies could be changed; and second — deformation happens. As we conclude from definition of information above, force is more important quality than energy. The force, which is contained in the information, could change other structures or layers of information, deform them, change their influence or partially destroy. The force which is contained in certain information could change views of other people.

Another unique ability of information: it does not disappear during transmission from one place to another. Apart from materia and energy, for which conservation laws are fulfilled.

Conclusions are rather clear. Information is primary in relation to the energy and force. Word «znanie (knowledge)» — is Russian equivalent to the foreign word «information»; and knowledge is definitely a force (no doubts there!). Important for information-knowledge is to have definite vector of influence, then information will have the force. And it is even better when information carries energy of the highest quality.

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