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Arkady G. Aseev

This article is continuation of «Glamour and emptiness of our world», where you could read that time and space has 3 dimensions.

Time is one of the main characteristics of our life. We cannot imagine life without time. Time is — above all — measure of life and measure of success. Think of luxurious brands like Rollex or Patek Philippe: it seems their hosts administer time itself. It is obvious that even not thinking about it, people give great value to the time.

Living in our world, we are used to perceive time as single-dimensional. Past, Present and Future lie on a single line. A man is constructed in such a way, that he cannot feel more time dimensions (or this is nearly impossible). Even theoretical physics, describing unity of space and time in many chapters, considers 3 space dimensions, but only one dimension of time.

R. Bartinin had invented 6-dimensional space-time, so we could talk about square and cubic time. Let’s take previously mentioned formula, describing mass dimensionality via space and time: L3·T–2, where L — space, T — time. We can see that square time is used here. What is it? Everyone has the mass, but how it correlates with square time?

How do we perceive time? Any of us could easily remember the past, see it very clear. Of course if there are no problems with memory. But, with very rare exceptions, we do not see our future. Moreover we can say that majority of people constantly observe their past. They are like train passengers, passengers of the last compartment, who are looking through open window on the last events, flying away like railway ties. In the best case they can schedule future, but not see it. Those people, who are able to see energy, say that past flies under our feet.

In the «Divine Comedy» by Dante Alighieri in the first circle of the hell there are astrologists and those who wanted to see the future. They are walking with the heads turned back. Not only had those in the modern world, who can see energy, understood that future is coming from our back. Regardless of where we are, future comes from the back.

Let’s look how it happens. At the head of each man, on the top the hair is circled in spiral. Spiral is formed under constant movement, whirl, circling certain ambience. It whirls the time.

The hair on the top is twisted in a spiral The picture is taken from

But why time, not space? Let’s look at non-living objects, those which never contained life. They do not have spirals. In the crystals atomic structure is symmetric. It means that in the absence of active time flow, spirals do not arrive. While in the living structures you can find them everywhere. For example in the sunflower, which turns towards the sun, seeds are in the spiraled cells, and there is movement clockwise and contraclockwise.


Also whirl of time could be observed in the structure of non-living substance around living organism, like in the shells of the snails.

Let’s return to the man. As I have already mentioned, time enters us from behind. Actually we are not limited by the body only. From the energy view, one looks like shining cocoon. This cocoon is nearly sphere, some have ellipsoid. There could be other rare forms. Actually time enters back part of the cocoon and pulls to the physical body. Frontal plane through the body center along the hands gives figure similar to the wheel, through which time streams into us. As you see, there is square time, described in mass formula. Each of us constantly lives as if inside this wheel of time.

Returning to dimensionality formulas of Bartinin’s table from the article «Glamour and emptiness of our world», energy has dimensionality L5·T–4. But there is no yet description of multi-dimensional time, even from physical or mathematical view. And ordinary human conscious is not able to imagine time, while this is possible, when you develop energy view. So I shall describe time, as it is observed by the people, who see streams of energy. It is that everyone stands with his feet as if on the line of energy stream inside his cocoon. And he moves inside this track and cannot overcome predetermines of his life. Often this I predicted by his work. But everyone has possibility to apply enough energy to jump to another time line, thus to change his life in general. There is infinite number of such lines in the wheel of each man. The lines are as if on the wheel rim. Man can choose his life himself, but not everybody us this choice, looking for endless excuses, why not doing so.

Let us understand what cubic time is. Flying in the jet and helicopter, we see simultaneously all the landscape with the houses, roads and nature. This is volume view. Driving auto on the road, seen from above, one will consequently pass houses and landscapes, some nearing, other left behind. In the auto, past, present and future exist for us. Above the earth, past, present and future are observed as the whole. They do not exist divided from each other, as for the driver.

It is interesting that nearly all spirits of those people, who have recently died, see future for the next few days. They can predict results of football matches, which were not yet played. Flying above earth in the helicopter, one will not see future. While spirits of recently died are near the earth and could contact other people. It is obvious that ability to see future is connected with the soul, and physical body blocks this perception. Human sense organs, first of all eyes, are not designed for spiritual seeing, for seeing future, while this ability is stored in everyone and made free when we die.

This is specially done so, because the task of our life in physical body is to work upon the soul problems. Developing ones soul is only possible when man has physical body. Then there is energy for reconstruction, building new or changing soul; adding new, which was not before or removing what is not needed. If the people knew future, they would escape events, where there soul is developed. But running away from exams will not allow developing required qualities. That is why people are deliberately no allowed to see future, being in the physical body.

But some people get such abilities. Those are ready to pass the tests of their life by themselves. Seeing future is granted to such man, when he is not going to escape problems, but to be ready for them; then evolution is accelerated in several times. Could be that he goes ten or more times quicker, but one has to be ready for this, not everyone can accept this, it is easy to be afraid and turn back in cowardice. In some cases seeing future is given to escape danger, not die earlier, but such cases are even rarer, seeing future is opened for a short time and then closed.

Now as you know more about the time (2nd of the main physical characteristics of our world), you can understand, what actual effect give spiritual practices, done systematically. No wonder such people overcome all obstacles on the way and cause our admiration by their power, the look hosts of their lives. They spend power not only for coming over outer obstacles, but they can «change track» of their inner time, and actually change their life — their own and the people around them.

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