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The Creator in my perception

Arkady G. Aseev

The main question for many people, for which they hope to get the answer, is the question of existence or absence of the Creator and related themes. Below is my perception.

In 1930 Kurt Godel has proved 2 theorems — about completeness and incompleteness. If one would like to describe them with simple words, content is the following: any system of axioms which determines arithmetic is either incomplete or controversial. If the system is incomplete, then any postulate could be stated, which is impossible to prove or reject by the means of this system. If the system of axioms is complete, then postulate could be stated, which one could not prove either reject.

There is no phenomenon in our natural world does, which could be considered existing and not existing at the same time. It is clear that it cannot be described as a whole in any of axiomatic systems; and thus this system is incomplete.

As you know the Creator is the source of everything.  And if we bring the Creator into our system of axioms, it becomes complete. But we know that according to Godel theorem about completeness, this axiomatic system will be controversial.

Based on this theorem, atheists state: there is no Creator. And they are right stating that any axiomatic system, which describes nature, will be incomplete. It means that the new natural laws will be found. History of mankind is the evidence all the way.

But atheists do not take in consideration one more case when the world exists together with the Creator existence. This case was successfully described in “The Matrix”. So there is the Great Architect, who created virtual world, where people live. The Great Architect himself does not belong to this virtual world. That is why people cannot describe Him in their systems, but He is. Human systems will never be complete, as they cannot behold and describe their creator.

The Great Architect might be compared with the programmer, who inhabits the hard disc of his computer with different programs. Each program has its target, its assignment.  The program can do only what it was created for. Programmer gave programs ability to improve themselves and gave them freedom to choose, and ability to create new programs, similar to them. Programmer has created programs and is looking how they live and develop on their own. Sometime later certain programs get viruses and fulfill their tasks (for which they were created) not so good. And some programs stop working at all in a proper way. Programmer heals some programs, killing viruses; and when the treatment does not help, deletes the programs and puts them into the recycler (wastebasket). There are no doubts that the programs cannot cognize and describe the programmer, the one who created them. No phantasy is enough for the program to imagine another world and its inhabitants out of the limits of hard disc. After the programs have worked for a certain cycle, programmer takes all deleted ones and those still operating, and looks how each of them have managed their function. If the program has managed badly, it is deleted forever; if good, it is sent to another world created by programmer at the hard disc, to live further on. Thus the main advantage of the program is to fulfill its function in the best way, as planned by the programmer. And not get infected by viruses, which aim to dictate it fulfilling other functions.

As a sequence: every man has a task to clean himself from alien programs, which are viruses, creating obstacles or preventing from fulfilling his mission in the world. Everyone has lot of such programs. They intrude practically everywhere, especially in the childhood: in the family, in the kindergarten, in the yard, at school, at the TV, by social opinion, through many books, etc.

Nowadays science cannot exactly establish, whether there is life after death. Perhaps scientific methods will never verify this.

This is the reason why life after death is the question of private position. Some believe there is life after death, some don’t. Position of those who don’t believe is called atheism.

I believe there is life after death. And my way is based on self-cognition. Unfortunately science cannot prove or cancel the results obtained by the methods of self-cognition, which are based on the own experience and trust to yourself.

Dealing with self-cognition, one comes to conclusion, that there are three main question in life:

  • Who are you?
  • Where do you go?
  • Where did you come from?

Self-perceiving answers these questions. Finding answers, everyone finds goal and sense of his life, and finds happiness.

The main reason of our life on Earth is to create something new and constantly develop ourselves. That is how the man prepares himself for the work in other parts of the Universe, for building it and development. It is achieved through reincarnations.

The Universe is deeply intelligent. All forms of life are interconnected and belong to different hierarchic structures, which are closed cycles. For example, the Earth is cycling around the Sun; the Sun is — in its turn — cycling around the center of the Galactic. Each system has its limiting protective envelope. These protective envelopes are the barriers, which do not allow thinking forms of life to enter the regions of the Universe, for which they are not ready, not gone enough evolutionary way of development.

Intelligence of the Universe is now called Divine Knowledge (Highest Intelligence). There is hypothesis that this is the Creator. To my mind, all this is similar to computer and programmer: modulated electric signals move inside computer according to His Great Program. It is obvious that the signals are absolutely intelligent, they are thinking. They could be called Divine Knowledge. They emanate from the Creator, but they are not the Creator. Divine Knowledge is close to the Creator at the maximum. And this understanding of the Creator is not contradictory with two Godel’s theorems.

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