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Some problems of modern science

Arkady G. Aseev

In many spheres of life nowadays science has slowed down rates of its development. Also science appeared impotent to solve new arising social problems and problems of individuals. These problems have wide range from ecological to health and childbearing problems. I do not want to go in details, but rather investigate the cause of the problems.

Scope of what science can do is limited. Science as we know is not thinking, but calculating; not apprehending essences but operating with objects, phenomena and forms.

Science allows looking into apprehension of new sides of the essences, and in future might be — essences themselves. This will help to make qualitative step forward in thinking, jump from calculating thinking which has captured modern science to comprehending thinking, essential thinking, which will arrive a breakthrough to new state of man and science.

Science is creating models for detecting, comprehending, understanding and solving problems. Mechanics, thermodynamics, turbulence, quanta, biology, psychology, spiritual — all these divisions are scientific models.

One can give the following definition to the model. Model is something which exists in human conscious and is not at all an outside reality. Any model will describe processes in the outside reality with certain grade of accuracy. It will never completely fit with reality. This is the reason why natural processes cannot be exactly described with mathematic models. Still sometimes it is possible to create more or less accurate model describing real processes.

The next problem of modern science is tendency to mathematization of models. It is considered that if science is not mathematized, it does not deserve scientific review. That happened to one cosmological model: without mathematical description it was not even reviewed; with it, the model became scientific hypothesis like others.

But mathematization of a model cannot be a measure of genuineness. There are many theories in mathematics itself, which cannot be proved or unproved by experiments until now. Many branches of mathematics refer to absolutely abstract field. Mathematic models allow calculating whole worlds, which have never existed, do not exist and cannot exist in reality. This is the reason why mathematization of the models cannot be measure of their genuineness, which unfortunately takes place in modern science.

It is also worth noting certain ability of models, which could also be referred to their disadvantages. A man is able to model something similar to him in dimensions or smaller; but has difficulty to create an accurate model which is significantly larger or smaller.

By now humankind has created lots of models; most of them are not large in comparison to a man. And now there is the task to create large, global models which will be able to describe processes in the outer world and in the Universe accurately. Due to the reasons mentioned above this task causes big difficulties.

Science due to its limitations is not a holy cow, as modern society considers. Certain limitations will be hard to overcome for the humankind, at least without exterior help.

March, 27th, 2013

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