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Spirits, soul and consciousness

Arkady G. Aseev

A man is a creature, which is supposedly good and multitudinary. Like a sponge, man is sucking everything — positive and negative; filters this and leaves what is akin to his soul. This layer builds his knowledge stock, memory and interests.

A man is the highest creature among Earth creatures, and he is most responsible before the Lord for his attitude to all he was granted to use for good, prosperity and spiritual development.

A man is developing creature, who stays at the moment at the lowest level of development, but considers himself — a Crown of the Nature. Soul is a unique form of human being. Of course, with consciousness entwined. Consciousness is a «mutual knowledge» of the man himself (which he kept during his short or long way) plus knowledge and advices of his companion — his patron and his lead.

Consciousness could be defined as one’s capability to perceive the environment. This is but a relic device to build relations with Nature.

Consciousness is produced by soul, and soul exists in consciousness environment.

Consciousness and soul cannot have different attitudes to the life, they could be combined; but soul is a leader in the life on and above the Earth, and is responsible for all.

One has to search the ways of knowledge, to perceive him and Nature; but the whole image will not come out. Soul builds «images of the world» in the consciousness, and this image could be also defined as a «cut of the world» — the way, in which soul is imprinting the world [in Russian language words image and cut-off differ by one letter only]. The world outside is too large, it cannot be imprinted as a whole. Each soul, who comes to this world, has individual task; thus each man can see the world in his own way, and develops his own cut.

When the spiritual teacher finds the man’s need to get information, he just brings this to his consciousness; a man himself cannot get this from the database.

Thinking is the process of receiving and utilization of information, which comes from the patron. To this information, an image is added from the man’s world view, or a new image is produced.

To achieve a certain goal, man builds a chain of images — how to act. To develop this set, one has to apply a lot of time and efforts. Thus a man usually uses already finished chain of images. But sometimes man meets the goal he never met before, and there is no ready sample of solution. Then a man starts thinking. He gets the target, which is a known image and builds a chain of images — to reach the goal. This is the way of building a new thought.

Many people forgot how to think by themselves. They use ready images — samples of action — samples. Some people build all their lives on the patterns only; any change — or moreover destruction — is very painful. People want to preserve their efforts, using patterns. Building of new patterns requires lot of energy. Not every modern man can do this. Many unlearned to create their own. But this is not so bad. Due to this, people easier understand each other. It is much easier to understand other man who does the same as you, and much more difficult to understand a man whose behavior is different. In this case another man is not understandable. And one is afraid of unknown. Unknown, new is perceived as potentially dangerous. This is why people prefer patterns.

But there is a problem: using patterns, man stores them in his consciousness, and loses a habit to think. As a result, when a man is growing older, his consciousness is significantly blocked with ready images. A man becomes very rigid, hard-to-change, and very bored with himself. One starts looking for those who will help him to break the daily routine. Thus a man loses independence, sometimes forever in this incarnation. This is one of the results of getting old. Consciousness should be able to do both: to use ready patterns, and to create new images, including images of actions. This is a way of evolution. Usage of patterns only results in self degeneration. If one’s soul did not have time to build new necessary spiritual qualities, it is suffering much after death of the physical body.

A man was created and exists at the planet at the low protein level. But he has a chance to transit (or not to transit) to the higher spiritual level, when he does not need physical body and could exist in ethereal condition, being of Spiritual Forces. It depends on himself.

Due to the fact that a man lives in the protein body, multiple modern scientific studies are targeted on this. This is a reason of great attention to the investigation of the brain.

Human brain, from the position of Noocosmology, is a special device to locate different oscillations, in the way a man prefers. With his brain, a man — being in the physical body — perceives advices of his patron. At wish, everyone can «switch on» such adviser and friend. From outside it cannot be observed that a brain is transferring information. Advise comes from inside. This is what one calls his alter ego [second self] or unconscious simultaneous decision (intuition). Brain is multifunctional. It perceived, stores or cleans information. Sounds, smells, feelings and senses stream to the brain. There is no man without a brain, while «fools» has just one part of brain switched off (perceptive, analyzing or reproducing). Human brain percepts oscillations, and received information is used for future understanding, for use in the interests of himself and society. Complete, good information streams to an active man, searching, suffering for the solution. In this situation a brain is reconstructed, and asks a lot of questions to the outside. Oscillations deliver the request, and in a period of time an answer appears. This is considered enlightenment. Bilateral connection between man and cosmos could be set up, but one need to come in the throes. Searching mind only could be reconstructed, while for ordinary man enough is enough.

It is well known that human brain is not fully used, and one should search ways of opening (and developing in perspective) of unused resources and abilities.

Many abilities are revealed in critical situations. Medicine is struggling at this problem, but there are few results; all is concentrated on the brain structure, its quantity, etc.

Opening of new abilities should be searched not in the structure, but in its tuning. Human brain has to be considered as «receiving set», which must be «tuned» for a certain wave. Talent or its absence depends on the tuning preciseness. One has to learn not to administrate the brain, but to tune it for talent; everyone is talented, one has to wake it up.

Receipt of genius is the highest tuning on collaboration with the Highest Hierarchy, in the willing to work, fulfill all recommendations hard-and-fast, be useful for humankind and grow himself. Inner tuning of genius builds diligence and patience. One cannot become useful or become genius against his own will. Every man is talented from his birth. Talent of the patron is the talent of the man, whom he leads.

Freedom of choice is the main point, freedom to open thoughts regardless of how absurd they could seem. Strong man does not have easy life, because he cannot live without influencing other people’s lives. It is important that he — living on his own — does not bother his neighbors or step over our ideal laws. Living freely does not mean doing nothing. A man must do a lot. Only free philosopher, who is not stuck in frames of politics and science, not creeping in the crowd, is able for discoveries. Living freely means to perform his wishes, built by nature and hunger for knowledge. Not to be bonded to one place and one work. This is unacceptable.

Due to this freedom of choice, man can connect not just higher spiritual hierarchies, but various spirits, who inhabit astral world.

Various spirits have various characteristics. They could be evil, could be kind. But all spirits do not have capability to walk up the ladder of evolution of the Hierarchies. So the spirits are struggling for the places here, on Earth. And to carry out their plans, they tend to invade human bodies, to connect to the consciousness. Connected to a man, they get strong and powerful, as man feeds them. Many spirits has developed on such connection. Some old gods are such spirits, incredibly powerful. Sorcerers look to connect with them nowadays.

Some spirits create good things. Other, afraid of disintegration, tend to conquer the mankind. There are some fed on the bloody sacrifices in the past. Now they look for the people, ready to kill for them. Serial maniacs are their victims. Spirits command them whom to kill, and they fulfill. This is only way for such spirits to survive. Without human energy these spirits decay — they die. To avoid this they command to kill. Those led by such spirits lose all human. Some spirits, who are not so strong, just try to seat on the man, become parasites. They could promise a lot, but do not give exactly what was promised. Process of energy exchange with the spirits is very complicated to be described here in details. But there is the main point — spirits tends to get human life completely, to suck his living force, regardless of what he gives to a man.

Some spirits grant creative forces. This is but easy to recognize, as such «authors» create nothing new, but use already known images and knowledge, just edit them for their needs. It often looks mosaic. No entity is there, it could be seen that pieces are taken from different places. There are lots of such authors nowadays. Spirits eat them. Such people will lose human features sooner or later.

There are kind spirits, some of them can help the man, sometimes tell the future. Those spirits, who are on the way of Love, are granted soul, and they become humans. After this they rather quickly leave the human world, as they are well prepared for further evolution. But when they get a soul, they are spirits no more. Other spirits have to solve a problem how to survive and not disintegrate completely. There are various gimmicks, for example, using crowds of people at the amphitheaters, concerts, other public events. Where energy concentration is higher, it is easier to grip it. Artists are often directly helping these spirits. Spirits provide them with the texts for their songs, poems, and lead them, so they could feed their patrons. There are many spirits at the churchyards, crematoriums. They feed on the human pain. Many such spirits follow people, eating them even after. It happens that after death of a loved one, another dies soon. That is how spirits work. Despite all this, we live in such a world where each of us has free choice- where to go. Human soul is growing due to the tests we meet on Earth. Only passing through is what can hammer out the human soul to make it powerful and pure, to make it ready to work at the higher levels of Hierarchies; including other places of the Universe.

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