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Antimatter and perfecting of the soul

Arkady G. Aseev

It is known that our Universe consists mostly of the matter. Antimatter is very rare to be found, and in miserable amounts. When matter and antimatter meet, annihilation occurs — complete mutual cancellation, followed by huge energy production.

One of still unresolved riddles of modern physics is the question, why our Universe consists of the matter, and antimatter is almost not found. Based on the various types of the Big Bang theory, suggested by modern science, at the first moments of life of the Universe equal amounts of matter and antimatter were generated, which were interacting and annihilating each other. Then due to unknown reasons asymmetry appeared, and as a result — the matter became dominating. Standard theory of particle physics does not explain this asymmetry. At the moment there is no other theory to explain asymmetry of the Universe development. Nowadays this phenomenon is called Baryon asymmetry of the Universe.

Generation of antimatter could be observed in cosmic rays and in the accelerators like Large Hadron Collider (LHC). In cosmic rays mostly light-weight antimatter particles are produced, such as positrons (antielectrons) and antineutrino. But no antinuclei of the antimatter were registered by that time. In LHC with protons colliding at the speeds near to the light speed, there is much more matter produced, than antimatter.

A man is part of the Universe. As well as his soul. So as we live in the Universe and are part of it, we keep with all the laws existing in it. Even with those yet unknown.

The people on the way of spiritual development are able to communicate not only with the other people, but with spiritual beings beyond Earth. Sometimes there are no (or cannot be) answers to certain questions on Earth; these are questions of global processes in the Universe — we just do not have enough time for observation, neither abilities needed for perception, nor volume of conscious to contain it and recognize all these global processes. This is the case to ask «the elders». According to modern terms, it is often called «ask a question to a channel». I have asked a question to a channel, whether there actually had been symmetry at the first moments of formation of our Universe, and if YES, then what had caused its disturbance. And I have got an answer that there was symmetry, but very quickly a field arrived which prevented formation of antimatter; this field also enables quick annihilation of antimatter if there was time for it to be formed. And it is needed for development and perfecting of the Universe. Without asymmetry, matter and antimatter would cancel each other, and no development of the Universe occurred to such a complicated structure that is available now. Evolution would never have reached the peaks on which it is based now and of course would not go further. So here is a link to the Lord’s concept of the Universe development.

I have also received answers about antimatter and its role, and many other things; but I think below it is necessary to provide data on soul perfection. This question I consider to be top important for a man. I have spent plenty of time to investigate soul and its development, and on the basis of received information have found a lot of similarities with formation and development of the Universe. This information is to share with you.

One lucky to be in touch with the Lord understands that He has concept of development for the world. Everything which is going on anyhow has a destination. But the way to it could be direct or roundabout. We can say that the Universe is developing at a very high speed. While many human souls — not at all. Often human behavior could be described as Brownian motion. Let me remind you what it means.

Heat motion of liquid or gas molecules enhance random moving of tiny particles; for example, polyfoam particles on water surface. Tiny particle in this case reflects the process of chaotic heat motion of the molecules.

It is no secret to say that majority of people are guided by superficial goals and often are hardly conscious of these goals, which might be a huge quantity. Being guided by one or another goal, they make chaotic motion through their lives, like Brownian particles. But the greatest sorrow is that even people having very high goals, very rare reach them, being influenced by random motion. Let us look why things are what they are.

In parallel with formation of matter and antimatter at the first moments of Universe formation, there are antagonistic desires, emotions and goals born in a man. And a man quickly enough makes choice in which direction to move, by what principle to be guided. A man will be guided by various goals from a set he possesses. And as goals are often considerably different, they make people move randomly in their lives, very similar to Brownian particles.

It is well known that if we summarize motion vectors of the Brownian particle at a large time period it appears that the particle actually stayed still on its place, regardless of the quantity of chaotic movements done. Sum of antagonistic vectors is a zero. Of course taking in consideration that there are no movements of the medium itself like wind or stream or other outer force — gravitation to anything.

For a man it is similar from one point of view, but more complicated if we look from the other side. Any desire, emotion, goal are born in a man together with its antagonist. This process is similar to origin of matter and antimatter in the Universe (physical phenomenon is called pair production) — two antagonistic impulses are born from «neutral» state in a man and annihilate during interconnection. Following one impulse, a man makes himself more alive at certain extent; following another — more dead. And even if a man always chooses only what makes him more alive and moves this direction, other antagonists do not disappear [from his soul]. These antagonists are stored in a part of his conscious and his soul, which he has locked for himself, where he is actually not looking and poorly realizes [what is there]. Time passes, and the dark side, which was locked, comes out. For example in a form of diseases. (The last happens in case of «definite» choice was done. But often after a choice has been done a man is sorry he has not made a different one. He is «spinning» other variants of events in his conscious: how it all could be if he made another choice. In this case self-erosion occurs in a man.) Mutual cancellation of what was done by a man is going on (positive and negative) similar to matter and antimatter annihilation. Thus and so a man has as if upper boundary in his development. It is related to the length of life, spiritual and soul perfection. Figuratively speaking, a man will fall down regardless of how high he has jumped. Height of «upper boundary» depends on the force of initial impulse. But the boundary is always present.

With all this we know that the Universe is not limited in its development and exists without «upper boundaries» until now. And it is going on for 13.7 billion years thanks to a specific field, which does not allow formation of antimatter in any significant amounts which might have put «boundaries» for its development. Is a man able to do something like that for himself? And if «YES», then — how?

Let us review some of our evolutionary acquisitions. It is well known that many forms of life on Earth are very dependent on the environmental conditions. Poikilothermic [cold-blooded] animals, for example — reptiles, are very dependent on the temperature of the environment. Higher the temperature is, quicker they move. Lower the temperature is, they become slow and inactive. On the contrary, mammals are able to keep constant body temperature, and due to this temperature decrease outside has only slight impact on the movements of the mammals in comparison to reptiles. Ability of the organism or the system to keep stability of internal environment is called homeostasis.

In the process of evolution new kinds [of animals] arrived which were able to keep homeostasis in broad range of natural environment. A man has probably the best ability among the mammals to keep his inner environment stable. A man also streams to create stable conditions of life around him: for example, heated and conditioned rooms.

So a man is able to keep stable conditions in many spheres of his life — at outside and at inside levels.

Let us look at the enigmatic sphere of our life as dream is. When we sleep, most of dream time for ordinary man is used for processing of received information and feelings. Often in their dreams people see alternative variants of past events in their life, with the other end. More often — phantasmagoric combination of various unfinished events and feelings that were lived through. There might be lot of variants and combinations. So in a dream inner and outer impulses are harmonized for the past day. In a dream conscious and soul are purified by processing of various signals and impulses, which were received during the wakeful state.

Some people need less time to sleep, another — much longer. Ability to purify also differs. There are those who can sleep just a little; and those who do not see dreams as usually people do, but see pure light. In this case all space is ablazed by pure light. Pure light could be homogenous or with a bit more pale or bright inclusions. These are so called dreams of pure light, which are seen by people on very high levels of development. The ones on their way to realization of rainbow body inevitably pass this stage.

What is rainbow body? You know that all living beings die. And when they die, they leave a corpse. Those people, who get rainbow body, dissolve their physical body in the light of the primary elements. Transition process to rainbow body causes rainbow lines and lights in space around, which could be vertical and horizontal, apart from the usual rainbow. One might reach rainbow body when he dies, or before death. In the last case there will be no death at all, and this effect is called Great transition. The people reaching rainbow body preserve their integrity after death if it comes. In such state they can live billions of years. In ancient times it was called absolute immortality.

It is obvious that reaching such state is not easy at all. Still such events sometimes occur even until now.

It is also clear that the people, who reach rainbow body, do not have upper boundary in their development. And some processes are for them different than for the ordinary people. For example they see the dreams of pure light. This means that their soul is purified before sleep and they do not need usual dreams.

Many people are able to reach such state. One needs to learn how to elaborate for himself a specific field, which will not allow or quickly dispel various arising impulses, which are undesirable for a man. As it happens with antimatter in the Universe.

To complete this task, the elaborated field must be very strong. I would like to advise you universal method, how nearly everyone can dispel their negative impulses and protect him from them.

Everyone is able to reach goals. Higher the goal is, more significant and strong it is — the larger charge of power and might is provided for its realization. Lower the goal is — less energy is provided. The heaviest charge is granted to those people who set the goal of their life — to reach rainbow body. Their charge is significantly larger than for the other people. Heavy charge creates huge potential difference between current condition of a man and his desired goal. This potential difference creates a field. The higher potential has a man to reach the goal, more powerful field he is creating around him.

After that a man has to teach himself to track various arising impulses — positive and negative. And check them against desired goal. If the goal is stated correctly and a man really wants to reach it, then the field will dispel the impulses, which do not lead to that goal. Thus and so a man will move in one direction. Chaotic actions and deeds will disappear from his life.

Aiming to do this work constantly, in accordance with the principle of homeostasis, sometime later a man will easily be in the state of self-purification from negative emotions and impulses. And persistently move towards stated goal.

April, 10th, 2013

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