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About treachery

Arkady G. Aseev

Probably treachery is the worst sin of all human deeds. In «The Divine Comedy» by Dante Alighieri, souls of traitors land in the deepest circles of the hell. Heavier the treachery is, deeper is the hell level, where the soul hits, and more frightening are sufferings it experiences.

«The Divine Comedy» is the poem, the literary read, but many people, who studied it thoroughly, agree that the author had certain mystical experience. Sometimes representatives of the Christian church mention this poem. The people who had own mystical experience confirm that, in general, there is similarity of the picture of hell by Dante and their independent knowledge.

Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionary contains definitions of the words [and you can find a lot if you know Russian], including «traitor» and «to betray» [and you can find analogies in e.g. Collins Gem Dictionary & Thesaurus]: «to sell somebody out, to be disloyal, to reveal divulge; deceit, infidelity, treachery, betrayal, disloyalty, faithlessness, perfidy, treason».

From the other side there is the word «trueness». Further in the Dictionary we read: «true friend, servant, allegiance, devotion and respect, true love, true straightforward servitude, bondage, obedience».

It is obvious that the words treachery and trueness lie in a single definitive field, but have opposite meanings, polarities. They build a single axis of conditions with treachery and trueness at the opposite sides. A man could be true for a long time, and then turn to treachery. How does this happen? What is the mechanism? How does this happen? What are the causes making people to become traitors?

Probably most of you agree that usually weak people become traitors. Probably this could be said about majority of traitors, those who betrayed for the first time and are not yet finished evil or villain. A man was weak, went soft in something and betrayed. Look at the word «weakness». «Strength» is the antagonist of «weakness». These two words are in a single definitive field and form polarities: weakness at one end of the axis, strength at another.

It is known that you can lose strength, put it out, be not able to apply it, do not want to use your strength, and do not know that you have strength. All of these cases could be qualified as weakness. If you analyze this, you will see that in each case a man cannot stay in a position when he has strength. There is a common root cause, which distracts and diverts him from being strong. And it is pain and all that creates pain. Does pain have polarity, like we have found above? Yes, and it is heaven. What words stay together with heaven? «Felicity, happiness, well-being, prosperity, highest level of spiritual pleasure; to be in a state of bliss, to enjoy the joys of paradise, to dance on air».

If a man has severe pain, he cannot keep his mind off, so he cannot be happy, cannot enjoy. And vice versa, the higher is spiritual pleasure, the less pain will the man feel.

What is the mechanism of treachery? A man is in pain, soul or body suffers, and he loses strength. If he does not get strength back quickly, it is just a question of time, when he falls down by the axis trueness — treachery.

You know that a simple stool needs minimum 3 legs to be stable, needs 3 foundations. If one leg is broken, it is very difficult to balance on remaining two; and such chair will not stand by itself. With two legs broken, it will stay on a single one for a very little period of time.

There are 3 very important axis in human life:

Trueness — Treachery;

Strength — Weakness;

Pain — Heaven.

Falling down by one of these axis without quick return up increases possibility of a fall by another axis, and then by all three. Most treacheries are born this way.

Some time ago, I have heard that nowadays intelligent agency is capable to torture so that a man is «cracked» in maximum 6 hours. If not «cracked» in 6 hours, it means they did not torture him good enough. Let it be up to the person who told this story. I do not have information from the first hands. The main thing is the following: torture usually brings pain to the body. But if you look deep inside, you will understand that soul in agony is much worse than physical pain. And a man is «cracked» easier when his soul suffers, not his body.

Is it possible for a man to remain himself and not betray, despite anything? Yes, it is possible.

Let us turn to the story of Christ. Before getting Him crucified, they tried to hurt His soul. The death on the Cross is cruel, bringing great suffers. But despite soul and body sufferings, He managed to preserve strength and not leave state of heaven. It is obvious that spiritual strength and not physical is meant. It is spiritual strength which allows preserving state of heaven, joy, and to stay united with the Lord.

Due to His spiritual strength, Christ could stay united with the Lord, and to get resurrected after death. It is clear that without unity with the Lord, resurrections would not be possible in principle.

Later many Christians has demonstrated courage and spiritual strength, they have given examples by their lives that a man might not betray despite any conditions.

Before Christ, there was given another example of courage and spiritual strength — Socrates. He remained loyal to the truth, what he taught people. At the end of his life, when Athens governance being afraid of his influence on the people, accused him and demanded death penalty for him, he did not betray himself, he did not betray his words, what he taught people. He had though several possibilities to avoid death. He could move the court to pity, he could go to exile, and also his friends prepared everything for his escape from prison. He could avoid death. But he did not betray himself, did not betray what he was teaching, but preferred to drink a cup of poison according to the court’s verdict.

Spiritual strength is revealed when the hardships of fate bring suffer and take away strength, but do not damage trueness, and due to this it is possible to return your state and streaming to the highest goal.

Where does one get spiritual strength? It is a very difficult question. There is the whole discipline in spiritual practices which helps to grow it, develop and reinforce up to the enormous might. At the level of an ordinary man, who is not acquainted with such disciplines, it could be effective initially to have motivation that consequences of treachery are extremely horrible and destructive. At the next stage one can think like that: «my goal is the most important for me, and I will stay true despite anything that could happen, and not because of that I am afraid of consequences of treachery». Or keep in mind: if you pledge, don’t hedge; a promise’s a promise, etc.

The strongest of all fears is the fear of death. It quicker than other fears could take away man’s strength, bring suffer to the soul, paralyze a man, make him deny everything and do anything the enemies want. Despite this spiritual strength gives you the choice, even at gun point — to do what enemies want from you, or die but not betray yourself.

Not many people have met real deadly peril. And betray rather often due to very insignificant reasons.

Let us remember story of Judah, who lived with Christ, knew Him very well, and betrayed Him to the Rome authorities for monetary remuneration. Why did he do this? This treachery does not look to fit in the form which I described earlier.

A man lived with other Apostles, travelled together with them, was their purse-bearer as the most educated one. He was respected and trusted; otherwise he would not be given money of community. So he was respected and considered a good man.

He has seen all the miracles which Jesus created. He has seen resurrection of Lazarus. He has seen transformation of water into wine. He has heard all words Christ said. And he did not want to believe what Christ told about, he did not want to accept this. All he heard was controversial to his inner world picture. He considered himself the most important and the cleverest one, and did not trust Christ. So his inner world picture started to crumble, to ruin. And it brought him heartache.

As a result he considered that betraying Jesus to authorities will not do any harm to anybody except Jesus; and even will be better for the others, if He would not confuse people’s minds with what does not exist. Judah sincerely believed that he would do good, betraying Jesus, and more — he would get benefit — money. Very substantial, well known benefit. So Judah betrayed, giving way to his heartache and inner disagreement with Jesus. Later when he knew that Jesus was resurrected, he could not live in pangs of conscience and hanged himself. Judah understood Whom he betrayed, and that he did not good, but huge grief and harm to all; suffer to all His apprentices and followers.

So Judah had conscience. After understanding came that he made irrevocable mistake, he corrected it by his death.

As you see even in this case treachery followed the scheme described above. It is important to note that if a man has inner rottenness to betray, then turning to negative polar side for just one axis is enough.

Something like — to sell out your mother for a Big Mac.  And here the cause is that inner rottenness has already damaged the state of trueness, strength and felicity. Process of soul destruction is on-going, and if a man will not consciously interfere to get healed, it is just a matter of time and situation, when the soul gives the final «crack». So even Big Mac proposed on time could initiate the start of horrible treachery.

So horrible treacheries do not happen often. More often are ordinary ones. E.g. there was agreement with a man, he was trusted. A huge work was done by one side. And the man has refused to keep the agreement from his side; he simply decided that it is unprofitable for him anymore.

Or, another example. A man has set a high spiritual goal. And then decided that the goal is hardly achievable, that it requires a lot of time, efforts, and other resources. And a man decided e.g. to decline the high goal for the full meal and comfortable life, whatever does not matter now.

The goal which was set up, and betrayed, starts to ruin, and turns to real ruins in the soul. And then it decays. The process is similar to moldering, but inside the soul. It brings huge pain in the soul during the life. Not to feel it, many people actually freeze their souls to stop this pain. But even this does not save them. After death such souls will go to hell. I strongly recommend you to read the description of the hell by Dante Alighieri, or in the Buddhist books.

Also you can often see how those who betrayed are fully aware of this in their souls. But it is very difficult for them to acknowledge this. It is much easier to look for an excuse of their deeds or their behavior. And as a rule, with a rare exception, they prefer to blame the others, to make themselves look better and to demonstrate that they are right. Often they accuse others in treachery in order to look better. It is because human soul is highly aware of what treachery is, and what will it endure after the death of the physical body. But to acknowledge it even to oneself if so horrible. Because in this case it is not possible to live further. And life could be finished similar to Judah’s when understanding comes of what evil and harm was done to your soul and to the others. To prevent dying before time comes, traitors blame others and turn things upside down, trying to save themselves. But will they find salvation?..

Of course, not. The only salvation for them could be in contrition and correction of what was done wrong. Otherwise journey to hell is inevitable.

People are responsible for many things in their lives. And above all — for their soul, for what they are doing with it. The soul is top important in the life. Take care. And even more — take care of your souls.

November, 24th, 2013

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