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Higgs boson and questions of modern physics

Arkady G. Aseev

After collection of huge amount of experimental data at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) by July [2012], physicists announced to the world existence of a new particle — Higgs boson — confirmed. There were many other particles found. Why such a commotion about this one?

To understand the outer world better and have possibility to create a new one, physicists constantly streamed to find out how our Universe was formed. They hope that understanding laws of creation and development will help to make breakthrough in science and allow humankind to step forward to the new level of development.

The most full and consequent of existing theories describe the process of development of our Universe from 10-10 sec before Big Bang until now. Still there is no common established conception of what was before. So the scientists make more experiments modeling behavior of the Universe at the earlier time points. Only these experiments could prove or disprove new theories. LHC is the largest and ambitious project of modern experimental physics. With it physicists can get condition of matter-energy corresponding to the moment of time starting from 10-12 sec after Big Bang.

Until summer [2012] several theories in quantum physics describing processes at the early stages of Universe development where competing on roughly equal terms. Standard Model of particle physic was most famous. Experiments had to approve or disapprove it.

Standard model is based on assumption that Universe had huge density at the first moments after Big Bang, and that it had been isotropic and symmetric. Especial there was symmetry between electromagnetic and weak interactions — electroweak symmetry. And particles at that time did not have mass — gravitation was missing. There was also no light and darkness, all was homogenous. A moment after the Big Bang symmetry was disrupted.

Mechanism of symmetry disruption was suggested by Peter Higgs in 60th of XXth century. Universe is equally filled by certain field, so called Higgs field. An oscillation of this field, deviations from medium state, saying with other words — quant of this field, is called Higgs boson. Immediately after birth of this boson, its disintegration starts. And this is the reason one could find only glimpse of its existence. The only way to track it is looking for statistical anomalies in the observed during experiments variants of birth and disintegration of various particles, received as a result of high-energy collision (protons, atomic nuclei).

Higgs field prevents particles from moving through it with acceleration. Changing condition of their movement (acceleration) certain particles «stick» more to the Higgs field than other ones. Passing through the field they gain mass. Higher interaction of the particle with the field is — heavier it is, weaker interaction — lighter particle is.

So at the early stage of the Universe development the Higgs field arrived, which has broken symmetry. Symmetry was disturbed, various tiny elementary (fundamental) particles were formed, and they gained different mass. These fundamental particles are divided in two classes: matter particle — quarks and leptons, from which later all compound particles were formed (such as protons, neutrons, mesons, and then different atoms; and so called «force particles», which are interaction transmitters. Force particles being as if pieces of energy — transfer forces, which influence matter particles. For example, photons represent electromagnetic force. Gluons — strong interaction (keeping nuclei together). W± and Z0 are bosons responsible for weak interaction, for example, for radioactive decay.

So investigations at LHC in CERN by July [2012] have confirmed Higgs boson existence. All earlier predicted by Standard Model particles were already found. Thus and so Standard Model of particle physics received strong validation, and scientists met even more complicated tasks.

Further experiments at LHC might bring us closer to understanding of processes and conditions of early development of the Universe.

So the most essential for us, humans, is the fact that all particles composing known solid matter or matter world, and all particles and atoms of which we are composed, are the fields by their nature. As stated before deviations of different fields passing through Higgs field and interacting with it, formed all known matter particles and force particles. Later atoms were formed from them — elements of periodic Mendeleyev’s classification. Thus all visible world, which we perceive as solid and heavy, has field structure. And we too. (See also article «Glamour and emptiness of our world» where it is shown that all outer world and physical phenomena consist of various combinations of space and time.) It means that we are not as solid as we are used to consider. Moreover any slid objects also have filed features and are able to move in space, pass through the walls, not using engines of any type like in the autos, jets, rockets. It is just a question of time, how soon experimental physics will come to this. Just to point out that many spiritual practicers among people have earlier reached this level of development. Noocosmology has information that long ago people were able to do this; but later deviated from this way of development and stepped another one.

Also very essential in experimental validation of Higgs theory is that science, which is usually very skeptical to knowledge received in spiritual way, comes to similar view on the world structure using its own way: observation, analysis of facts, building theories and experimental part. Finding Higgs boson is important, but not the only step of science theories drawing closer to spiritual knowledge. Many conclusions of quant theories and relativity theory, grounded in the XIXth century, could serve good examples. So indeterminacy principle and quantum nonlocality (long ago clearly proved in experiments) demonstrate that microworld objects with assurance exist in informational format only, while motion, location and energy of quant objects in the observed world comes out with this or that probability during interaction with other microworld objects and physical fields. This correlates with views of spiritual teachings of illusiveness of the observed world. While quantum theories are not just theories, due to the work of scientists, engineers, they have fully entered our world: e.g. flesh drives, lasers, fiber-optic communication, newest medicinal devices (MRT).

In medicine there is known placebo effect. Patient might take a piece of chalk, thinking this is miraculous therapy, and get healed from many illnesses. This demonstrates that all of us possess huge hidden forces and resources, which are blocked for ordinary man by various views and prejudices.

While long ago our ancestors were able to do what we consider miracles now.

October, 7th, 2012

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