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Structure of spiritual Hierarchy in Metasocmos

Arkady G. Aseev, Dmitry N. Fonarev

Noocomology is the science which describes structure of the Universe, based on the works of the Russian Cosmic scholarship (cosmists). In the middle of 1990ths Soviet military specialists not only worked out the possibility of information exchange at the extrasensorial level (technology of «metacontact»), but confirmed the ideology of great Russian cosmists. Developing their ideology, engaging leading Russian and soviet scientists, the military specialists came closer to the bases of modern science, which is named Noocosmology

Stages of this work and results of experiments are described in details in the book series «Chronicles of the Real World». These books contain reports of the operators of informational channels (the people, who due to their talents and experience, under the guidance of military specialists, are able to get unique data about the structure of the Universe.

Certainly the question of data origin was always of top interest for investigators. Any information must be not only comprehensive, but trustworthy as well. Validity check of source and method was done meticulously. Validity of information received from high-class specialists reached 95%. Source at each channel asked to call him a Patron [acting guardian, protector]. Each operator has his own Patron, and there was no even thought to change him. No man establishes rules of this game. Quality was the only thing dependant on a specialist. Information received by operators was transferred verbally of via automatic writing. Images and terms depended on operator, his efficiency and capabilities, education and abstract thinking. Specialists, who checked operators, learned to ask questions and follow the rules, established for them. Patrons have rather direct told what Metacosmos is and how it is organized. We have taken Chapter 20 from the book «Eternity Guide» as a basis in order to describe structure of Metacosmic Hierarchies, to which patrons belong.

Where is the place for each of us? Who we are from Their point of view? Why they allow the contact? What they teach us? Is there anyone else between operator and the patron? What is the role and place of patron? Who is above patrons? One can ask endless questions, being simply curious. But if you have a goal, then cognitive vector sets the limit, and natural logic will help. So ahead with logic!

Noocosmology is describing a man as energoinformational system, which is inseparably bound to the whole Hierarchy structure of the Universe. This point of view is based on thesis that at this planet a man himself should be priority object for learning. If we observe a man as a system (Greek work «systema» means «whole, constructed of elements; conjunction»), conjunction of interdependent elements, which forms entity according to the creation task, then the main question of this Noocosmology division will turn as following: origin (creation) of a man on the planet. A man, as a system, could be described by well known methods, using standard measures. Certainly this is not pretending to be description of absolute system. But each created system (created by someone) is created (based on something) at a purpose. Nothing is done without a purpose. An accident is just unknown law. Absence of distinct explanation for the reason and genesis of a man at the planet does not mean that he just «accidentally» arrived. If something happens, then somebody needs this to happen. So we have to find out, who and for what reason wanted us to appear on Earth.

Metacosmic Hierarchy is the absolute ruling system, which controls its development. Role of Hierarchy is clear management for all systems of Metacosmos. Tasks of Hierarchy vary from multiplication of common intelligence [by this accumulation of common sense is meant] to progressive development in each point of the Universe, with the goal to upgrade Metacosmos as an environment, in which Hierarchy exists. Form of Hierarchy life being is constant and purposeful work, which differs from the vanity, because reality must improve as a result of this work.

Energoinformational substances are the fundamental elements (constructive foundations) of Hierarchy. Let us use the word «Hierarch» to build appropriate image. Hierarch is at a higher level of development and place at energoinformational level (used term is «psy-level»), Hierarch is Patron and Teacher for the one below him. Hierarch suggests his mentees ways of life, behavior, development, destruction. He is responsible for the particular part of the work with regard to the planets, planet systems or just a human life. Each mentee, living creature, has a right to choose the particular way of his existence.

Main rule of patrons is — do no harm, not interfere in other life. But in terms of common sense — to avoid his mentees interfere.

The better is the system organized, it is strong and stable. Role of Hierarchy consists of clear management of all systems of Metacosmos.

Hierarchy tasks — multiplication of common intelligence, development, progress. Intelligent [reasonable] Metasosmos should embrace everything, be mighty and indivisible. Core of intelligence knowledge must be protected from invasions. Core of intelligence knowledge contains all valuable thoughts, might and power of intelligence..

Brain is the main thing for living creature, one cannot go without brain. The head, which contains brain, must be protected above all, as existence of unprotected brain — without skull and body — is impossible. Thus core of Intelligence is the cumulative treasury of thinking Metacosmos.

Structure of Hierarchies could be described as following.

The Lord [God] is on top of All. Below are executives, responsible for main trends of development and management. Farther they are from the management Center, less possibilities and obligations they have.

Initially the Lord was firstborn. It is considered that He is self-born and self-realized, and there was nobody to teach him.

It is not obligatory that everything is created by somebody. Could be self-origin and self-birth. For this there was the primary ethereal source, which contained the first thought. It started spiraling in all directions. This spiral was build according to the laws, which we know as Fibonacci numbers. Each whorl generated new substances, assistants of the Lord.

In the beginning the Lord artificially created thinking intelligence for assistance, as there was nowhere to get it, except via self-multiplication.

This was how He created Firstborn, because they were the first. We can consider that they were created by the Lord via division. Further on there was no need to divide. But to grow and educate his kin, to start gathering spiritual mass, grown from the very beginning. They represent forces, who manage the whole set of works, in which the Lord does not need to interfere. The same process of energy exchange is with the people: first parents give to the children, then children — to the parents.

Then come the second. They are very appreciated by gained intelligence and life experience. Man cannot enter the level of connection with the Firstborns; connection with the Second is possible, but rare due to their small amount and overload.

The Thirds are at the lower level. They have wonderful natural education, adjusted to the high grade. Connection to that level is rather often. Structure of Hierarchies could be presented as follows:

Structure of Energo-Informational Hierarchies of Metacosmos according to Noocosmology

Obedience starts from the low est rank of the high level — the Eighths. They are young entity, who reached high spiritual level.

All lower spiritual structures must obey to the higher; themselves they have partial power, single and mutual. Those lower than the Eighths, are Obeying, higher — are administrated.

The Firstborns did not undergo hard living experience. They are great from their birth and their spiritual building. The Firstborns are responsible for the structural agglomerations of the Universes and for some old Universes. All other Hierarchies are in their subordination.

The Firstborns do not have mass or body. Their intelligence is mighty and full of love to God, and for this they are loved. Second are grown in hard crossings and examinations, they are chosen for this level for their hard work, character, faith, dedication and virtue. This position is granted by Firstborns to their stewards. Sphere of their work is huge: creation and birth of the new Universe, Galactic work, work on the planets, in human souls and souls of other beings. Their main task is to form new Galaxies in a proper place of the Universe and at a proper time, also they supervise the order of Galactic formation. They also administrate all other lower Hierarchies; observe the work of those under subordination. Other levels report to them. High is demand for the refusal in subordination. They are mighty to punish and to raise those who deserve it up to their level (but not higher).

But this is not their single job. More important is self-improvement. You cannot demand from the others, if you are on the same level, if you do not develop, do not fulfill a new work. If you are given the right to demand from the others, please ask from yourself, first of all.

Higher is the position, higher is responsibility before the others.

It would be useful for the administrators on Earth at the high rank — to tend to further knowledge and improvement, not just fight for their position. Then their subordinates will follow their example, and develop.

Thirds and Fourths also undergo the way of crosses and examinations, and obey to the Seconds, as well as lower Hierarchies. Fourths are responsible for the Galaxies, and all that happens there. Special attention is to the speed of Galaxy whirling. Origin of life, in particular, depends on this. Also these Hierarchies are responsible for the spiritual development of thinking structures, and storage of positive energy. Work is highly specialized, to find out, who is responsible for what. Lower structures also obey to the Fourths. They have large power over humans, live or dead. Higher than the Fourths are God, Firstborns, Seconds and Thirds.

The Thirds differ from Fourths non-significantly, but are more responsible for themselves and the others. They have to overview the life of Galaxy conglomerations, their inner connections and transfers. This is high position and high rank.

A man can become the Third, if he had a large responsibility, significant task on Earth, did it with honor, and took other people’s problems and crosses on his own will, not for the benefits.

From far away, everything is seen — you cannot hide, cannot lie. Only sincerity is valued at the highest value. For example, Alexander Nevsky was hard in his deeds, and not always right. He did a lot for himself, but thought about others more.

Fifths are responsible for star agglomerations, their connections and transfers from one to another star.

Sixths are responsible for the stars, their temperature, circling and life on them.

Sevenths are responsible for the star systems. There are many Sevenths by each star system.

Eighths and Sevenths are needed for the work with a man.

The Eighth shows the way from birth of a child. His role is to preserve a man, alive and healthy. If this is not done, there will be no development. He defends a child at his birth, brings his soul straight forward until application to a «higher school». Seventh leads a child before birth. His will is — child’s birth with illnesses, spots, which will attract other people attention. For a man this is a test for his soul. Seventh can stop child’s life for his parent’s sins in their thoughts or opposite — give birth to a child, but punish his parents.

This is so called «all is in God’s will».

So, to summarize, Metacosmos consists of seven levels: agglomerations of the Universes, Universes, agglomerations of Galaxies, Galaxies, star agglomerations, stars and planets.

See schematic picture.

Agglomerations in Metacosmos

Circles of higher Hierarchies doeth not diminish in the battle with Evil Forces. In general, there is more Good, and will it not come little of cunning thoughts. Wilth not black fury dragon knock down the white holy mantle. Can this not be from the beginning of beginnings! Will not eternal failure be!

Higher intermediate level is the level of dead souls, who stepped over mental layer. Each soul stays there not more than a year.

Only dead souls stay here.

Soul is energoinformational identifier of a man in the hierarchy, soul is able to grow and develop. Soul is temporarily in human body or similar constructions, which have intellect and mind, able for self-development and self-regulation. Soul has ability to change its place and to reincarnate from generation to generation to achieve its main goal — high moral potential, able to lead other souls.

Everything in Cosmos consists of aether. What one calls soul is condensed universal aetheric organization, which develops up to highest level of «the thought-energy».

Mental level is higher than astral level, it is intermediate between astral and high-spiritual. Its inhabitants are souls, first time born at the mental level. In comparison to astral level they are more spiritual, strong in the rules of spirituality, following the way of development.

More highly organized souls, which made more self-development, live at the mental level. They are given opportunity to teach human souls. As usual they are main to guide people. They have power at the lower level and obey to the highest. Mental is the most continuous level.

There live highly spiritual human souls, which have possibility to enter higher level.

When channel operators contacted extraterrestrials via metacontact, they failed to do this directly. Discussion was held via the leader. Leaders are at the Eighth level. If extraterrestrials were at the higher Hierarchie levels, they would contact operators directly. One should take in consideration that development of extraterrestrials is greater than of the humans. They can visit our Earth, but we cannot visit them. As their level of development is lower than Eights, we can consider they belong to Mental layer.

Intermediate level. Reason for this level is the same as between Highest and Mental ones. Selection, self-assessment is done there.

Astral is very interesting level. Everything is gathered here: from nothingness to genius, what is top needed and what is useless. In the astral layer in the form of unseen energy everything is collected, which died at the physical layer. Part of energy is used for utilization of the physical body, its disintegration. But not only inner energy is used here. Environment comes for help. One living being comes to help another and destroys it for the prolongation of life. So astral layer is the level of souls of the dead and spirits.

Spirit is low-spiritualized material, originated from low-development beings. Spirit does not have a soul. Spirit also is self-developing, self-regulating and evolutionizing.

Spirits are in the astral layer only. Entrance to the higher levels is closed for them.

Astral consists of the following levels:

  • arrival;
  • understanding;
  • exiting.

But these are rather not levels, but temporary shelter.

Reason or Arrival level is clear.
Level of understanding is the level where self-assessment is done. Only soups of dead people do this. Animals are thinking creatures, but they are not allowed here are not do that important work after physical death. Moment of the transfer by animal, man and plant differs. Man enters this level after consideration or at the necessity in his soul.

One can ask why only man has the right of birth of the higher levels, and born a spider will not turn highly spiritual being?

That is because only man always undergoes spiritual choices, the tests.

Only a man has the right of choice between good and evil. Animals has only right for life. And this right they use even to bring harm to the others.

Thus the lowest level and the nearest to the Earth in comparison to other layers, «populated» by the beings, is called Astral.

Astral is the first layer of the spirits and souls after living body. Willing or unwilling to enter this level means nothing, because all souls come here, if not entered the body of the higher rank. In this case, soul immediately after the physical death, not entering astral, goes to the higher level. All the others enter astral level, where self-assessment of life and assessment of the achieved level of soul development is going on. Here the soul stays until the moment of transfer to the new physical body, which soul has not reached intermediate or mental layer. For most of people this is during the whole first ear after death. One but should not think that souls of bad people are those who just entered from physical layer, new-born or not reached higher level of spiritual development. They have no right yet to guide the others or enter the Councils, their work is self-education and apphrehension.

Low astral layer is the layer of dead people, who had bad recommendation during their life and lived in hatred and malice.

More rough the energy is, nearer to the Earth it is situated. Staggering ghosts, demons, evil spirits, who holds human souls down, all these spirits are at the lowest level. They are nearer to the people, brings them to temptations every day, pushing them to do bad things and fight their thoughts and feelings. These beings are required for the examination during evolution of the soul. If the Lord wanted, He would easily deal with all enemies of the man. But this is not to be done: otherwise where would be examinations, if everything is goodness.

There is a layer of many unpacified souls, which did not find explanation to their deeds on Earth. These souls have high negative energy, directed for harm.

Further on the layer is changing for better, and in its highest part, near intermediate to mental, consists of the human sould, who lived their life as normal people with ordinary sins and downsides.

Spirits will never enter higher levels. Here they are forever to stay. But souls can.

In the layers and interlayers between levels there are so called Paradise, Hell and limbo.

Everybody wants to come to Paradise and forever enjoy without any worries, live for pleasure.

But what is pleasure? Each man has his own understanding, while here «different» is not accepted.

Paradise is a place, where every day difficult but joyful work for the benefit of others is done. Paradise is the home of Spiritual forces, and their work is top happiness.

Hell is opposite to the paradise. It is the place where unpacified souls are, who lived their lives bad, who assessed their lives as obscene, and now wait for disintegration. Not incubation period is that horrible, but the process of apprehension itself. This is the time when soul is in pain, and thoughts become clear, which should be horrible.

Limbo actually does not exist. Intermediate levels could become limbo, as they are transfer and assessment elements between layers.

All is created by the Lord to reach the main goal — high spiritual development, not for horror or stimulation.

This structure of Hierarchies of the Universe was given to the Russian military specialists in the 90th of the XX century via metacontact. Wonderful is that the same structure is known in the USA. On the one-dollar banknote thirteen-steps pyramid is painted with an eye on top.

Nowadays there is much speculation to create the new religion, but better talk not of «new religion», but of mutual religion. Many might not accept it, which happened with different religions not once, and resulted in not good results, lead to concern, disgust and opposition.

Much evil comes of difference between religions. One religion seems like our, but is not ours.

At the end of the day, there should be no religion as it is. Should be high spiritual science, which combines moral and serving the Lord. Serving different gods — is rubbish, like serving sun, moon, stone, etc. Still there is sense in this service. Better serve somebody or anybody, than just yourself.

Question of good and evil is difficult to answer, it sounds strange. Every man must give his own answer, as it depends on the spiritual level of the man.

Good is given freely, with pleasure and without greed. Good is the sign of delicacy, love, sacrifice — for the other people. Good from intent — is the present for others.

It is that: more gets the one who gives, than who accepts.

Source of evil is in evil intent. Horrible is that all people have possibility to realize the intent: evil and good. Evil in its growth cannot exist, if is not constantly brought up by wars, anger, quarrel, envy, and so on.

Evil in the man is born by his own dissatisfaction, may-have-been dreams, ambition, self-assessment as of unrecognized genius, huge egoism. Envy warms up all this. Envy — is the snake with deathly bite, which bites often healthy and clever people. Envy is unlimited, it gives birth to other defects and deeds actions (roguery, intrigues, slander, wrongful accusations). Envy can kill.

Righteous men quickly come to the Lord, not requiring any evidences. Sky sign is often granted to them. One has to seek ways of knowledge, investigate yourself and nature, but complete picture will not come out.

If spiritual leader find necessity for man to receive information, he will bring this himself to the brain of a man, while a man cannot get information from the data bank himself, because Absolute is «not talkative». Those lie, who say they speak to Absolute. May be they would like to say, they talk to the Lord, but have scruples: feel uncomfortable to glorify themselves, but do not agree for the less, because they are the most of the most. And thus say about Absolute.

So getting information is prerogative of the leaders, not a man himself, this is practically impossible.

One has to believe. Life without faith returns simple existence.

Even hunting animal believes in success. Not only because of hunger and instincts, but belief that his worries are not in vain, otherwise there is no sense to go. With absence of faith in success, absence of will to do mutual work, compatriots start killing each other. Man must have faith. At the first steps it was equal for him, in what to believe. Good and evil with the same fear related to good or evil force. Later they started to choose, what is more worth believing, what is easier for realization, what is unexplained and mysterious. Multiple believes arrived. Faith must be single, and it is just some time to wait until multiple believes disappear, now they bring bitter fruits.

We from our side suggest the following. Let us consider that

The Lord is Unlimited [Living] Soul of Harmony.

The Lord does not need to be «found» by somebody. He is, and everyone founds Him for himself. He is single, but different for everyone.

From the beginning man did not need religion, as he had stable connection with Cosmos. He received information from his leaders directly. While losing this connection, his consciousness started creating systems of self-development, which he called religions. Then cults, societies, churches arrived as instruments of exploitation of faith that religion is the only way of development. What we have now — you can see. Pastors, mullahs, rabbins got the place of the Leaders, usurped the right to serve to the Lord (Cosmos). But each of us can do it himself. Truth cannot be marked by crux, half moon, Magen David or anything else.

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