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Dmitry N. Fonarev «Metacontact»

Dmitry N. Fonarev

  • 255 pages
  • «Mirador» Arad Press. Romania

The book describes work of Russia’s Secret Services officers and military scientists in the field of modern technologies, based on human mental energy (channeling, extrasensory perception, hypnosis, etc.). The book is absolutely unique as the basic materials were provided by the Heads of leading departments of the KGB, Security Service of President Boris Yeltsin, and Ministry of Defense HQ of the USSR and nowadays Russia. In 2003 funding for these activities ceased, but reports of experiments and practical work have been compiled and are now available for use, thus results having practical impact.

The book is ready for printing; publisher’s suggestions are most welcome.


This book was conceived during my first visit to Romania in September 2008.

My friend and colleague, Konstantin Buzatu met me at Bucharest airport and the next day we drove across country to Arad his hometown in the north, Konstantin had organized the XIII Congress of IBSSA, where I was invited as an honored guest to attend this professional forum. The event attracts not only the veterans of special services, but also existing bodyguards and a wide range of personal protection specialists from many countries.

Konstantin and I were linked not only by past experience in the security services, but also by true friendship.

We discussed past histories and constructed plans for the future during the long 15 hours of travel from Bucharest to Arad, in the picturesque valleys and mountains of Transylvania, between friends there were no secrets. I have nothing to hide, because in the mid-eighties of the last century I had worked with the Romania’s communist leader Ceausescu and received as a sign of respect a leather wallet from the head of the Romanian delegation. This story provoked fond memories. Neither of us have been politicians, remaining officers; swearing allegiance to our homeland, but not to its periodic leaders.

So we were talking about our past, and also about certain things secrets, occult mysteries and mysticism, being influenced by the remains of the famous Dracula’s power, pushing conventional thought to reflect on the eternal and transcendent to man.

We talked about the abilities and capacities of the human mind, knowing the importance attached at the time of these qualities for employment in security services. Much in common in the professional approach of state structures to ensure the security of their country as it has been since the beginning, and still exists. Any extraordinary human abilities have always been the subject of immense interest to the powerful state leaders and their servants and especially those involved in the protection from ancient times till now — security.

These abilities in the Soviet Union have always been in demand and were under serious control, especially by the KGB and its predecessors. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, secret information about these extraordinary abilities, as well as technologies, based on the results of experiments and scientific work in this area began to appear in the public domain. This happened for three reasons.

First, the huge number of scientific institutions involved in secret projects and programs today were already in the territory of other states. Second, the money for the continuation of the experiments and the work dried up. Specialists came into commercial spaces and markets.
And — Third, the recent knowledge that was received in the mid-nineties of the last century by Russia’s military scientists have reduced almost all previous information that is still used by common science. But for some ordinary scientists that knowledge meant their failure.
Paranormal field and abilities became affordable, but high-class professionals were not significant. They know much more and can do much more than those whole laboratories in institutes. So that is why this knowledge was declared as pseudoscience. Security services had used it, but academic science denies it. We call it paradox.
Moreover, based on this knowledge of technology and made available to all secret. Despite metal safes, secret codes, time and distance. These technologies were called «Metacontact.»

In this book, there is nothing secret or forbidden. In its pages, sometimes between the lines, we talk about what the security services were engaged at one time, and how they came to that. That is what created the title of our book

I closely associate my authorship with Konstantin Buzatu and Frank Whip the President of Greyshadows International, as his thoughts and ideas have intersected with my own, and his assistance in compiling the facts are regarded as invaluable. I realise the difficulty of translating and am sure Frank Whip my friend and colleague does his best to explain our professional position. We equally invested our knowledge, skills and energy into this book, which compels you the reader to think.


Author of this book
Dmitry N. Fonarev

Dmitry N. Fonarev

Veteran of the 9th Administration of KGB, President of National Association of Bodyguards (NAB) of Russia.

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