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Dmitry N. Fonarev

Dmitry N. Fonarev

Veteran of the 9th Administration of KGB, President of National Association of Bodyguards (NAB) of Russia.

Born in 1959 in Moscow. Education: 1985 — secondary military college. 1986 — jurisconsult, Highest KGB School named after Dzerzhinsky. Since 1989 — officer in reserve (command personnel). Specialization: theory and practice of private security, philosophy (Noocosmology). English language.

Since 1995 became the President of National Association of Bodyguards (NAB) of Russia. Member of the Club of Veterans of State Defense Service. Honored member of Presidium of the working group of the Public Chamber of Russian Federation on development of national program «System of spiritual and ethical values of the new Russia».

Personal interests are: noocosmology, analytics on the basis of the reports of operators of informational channels (metacontact); development of the multimedia portal of Academy of National Association of Bodyguards (NAB) of Russia; work on the book «Philosophical dictionary of the Russian Bodyguard»; amateur films; music project «Orchestra of the Bodyguard Club».

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