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Below is the list of definitions, which are most common on the pages of this site; these definitions are formulated on the basis of information obtained from reports of operators of informational channels, which use special technology, named «Metacontact». These definitions are unusual also for the enthusiasts, who study themes at the border of modern model of the world order, and for this reason are called «metaphysical». Greek prefix «meta» is added to ordinary definitions and means interim, following something, transition to something, change of the condition, transformation — as for example, Metacosmos, Metaknowledge.

Learning in this field of knowledge, received by operators in the condition of changed consciousness and sharing conclusions with you, it is very important for us to understand that we talk one language, ordinary and logical. To be sure of this we have to set and disclose on this page the main terminology. Without it our discussion, deepening and widening in informational quality, would have an idiomatic character, when words seem clear, but sense is escaping us, or sense is found, but the thought could not be formulated. In Russia (and worldwide) this is called idiotism. Not abusive, but in essence. When one wants to be understood, he should talk the same language as his companion.

We suggest considering basic definitions, which are used nowadays for description and understanding of the processes, related to the unique technology of energoinformational exchange, to which this site is devoted.

Taking mental adventures above the border known to the man, let’s start from the very important (as we consider it) point of view, which is the following: five senses were granted to a man for this only, to get adjusted to the environment, and consciousness was given to explain his, human, mission in this infinite (for his consciousness) world.

If in their own time famous philosophers would state this as the main question of research, to specify — WHAT FOR had man arrived on this planet, and not wander in mental labyrinths of priority of spiritual and material life, we would live in an absolutely different world. Main question of philosophy nowadays is, to our mind, in explaining the sense of existence of the living organism necessity of births and reincarnations, relations with nature.

Below a short list of definitions is for your attention, which discloses terminology of investigators of the so called «thin levels». This working list is short, but informative we think. Definitions are given in an alphabetic order, and are updated. Please take into consideration that we position the definitions with axiomatic assumption. Question of probationary base in the field of logic, related to private recognition of the world.


Absolute — the main informational database of the Metacosmos, which is the highest and universal one, which a man and beings of his spiritual level cannot enter. Absolute stores essential information for Metacosmos, and structures it himself. Information of lower rationality levels is collected and stored in the planetary databases. According to the logic of informational hierarchy, there are Galactic and Universal databases. Absolute can add required information; limit its exchange taking in consideration idea of necessary sufficiency.
Absolute is etheric, aerial, breathing, wavering. But it is contained in the cover, which is incomparably harder, than its content. One cannot measure hardness, as one cannot provide complete definition of what hardness is. Everything is learned via comparison.
Absolute is situated, as one of the planets, behind one of the small suns of the Metacosmos. One cannot find its coordinates, as man does not have instruments to measure infinity. Authors do not have more information, and attempt of further investigation does not look ethical.

Altered states of consciousness (ASC) — qualitative abnormalities in subjective experience or psychological functioning from certain generalized for a given subject norms, reflexed by human or observers.
The experience of ASC is a quite common feature of consciousness and psychics of healthy person. Altered states can be caused by completely different «triggers» and may not be related to pathology. The study of ASC is an important area of interdisciplinary researches of human consciousness.

Axiomatic assumption. Axiom is a sentence, which does not require confirmation. Assumption is logical action, which supposes existence of what is postulated, while no facts are actually proving or disproving this assumption, or these facts unconvincing from a common sense point of view. Thus we do not have instruments and methodology for investigation of the particular problem, it does not mean that the problem does not exist or is in cognoscible [met agnostic]. Moreover if confirmation of this or that thesis is in the field of mental formulas (due to the fact that one does not have scientific methodology and devices), we cannot move forward without axiomatic assumptions. Basis of axiomatic assumptions, vector of investigation of phenomenon (which are over the border of possible or desirable dimensions), but not experiments, are the reports of operators of informational channels. The best example of axiomatic assumption is thesis «Parallel world».


Chaos — is disruption, separation from the complete, division into many parts and new birth. Chaos is a sort of amendment, correction of the being, transformation of the world into primary material, dough for new construction. Chaos is a part, stage of evolution of planetary-galactic scale. Chaos is not disaster or turmoil, but a measure, bound with necessity in order to develop materia at the new level, for example: from invisible to visible, from biological to crystalloid, and so far. Apocalypses is regarded as a form of chaos, while chaos if the end of connections in human conscious about their environment, darkness and the «end of light», of civilization. For conscious of the ordinary man this is so. But chaos as system function is just transition from one to another condition.

The reason of chaos consists in necessity of definite period of unordered movement of unbound particles, inbuilt system, separated parts, which push off each other. Chaos is planned, not formed. It is a period from pushing of particles away of each other and before attraction [gravitational pull] starts. Chaos is a long period before the moment when attraction and jointing in the whole starts. This is origin of ether, basic of all existing. At this time gravitational forces diminish, with their increase the new whole is built from the whole mass. Chaos is the period before the first thinking structure is born in the definite point of space.

Prior to chaos there was chaos. It cannot be that there was nothing at all. Chaos is darkness, absence of order and form. But this absence of order was of a very good quality, as it resulted in thought.

So chaos is a sort of the order, its primary stage, building material. Chaos is planned situation. There is no definite border between chaos and order. After explosion and quick dispersion movement, everything starts self-organization. As soon as particles get the speed of their own movement, they start to line according to the scheme of transformation and structural organization.

This existing in the Universe condition cannot be named the order, because everything is at the different levels of creation and upgrade. In one point Chaos is the rule, in the other harmonic Order is established.

Choice — is comprehended decision to choose image of actions. «Life is a chain of choices» — this proverb represents rather not the essence of life, but role and place of choice in it.

Contacters — are the persons, who do not have professional training, but have data or abilities to Metacontact. They do not know the technology, but meet the manifestation of phenomenon. Main difference from the Metacontact operator is that the grade of authenticity of the obtained information could be checked by operator for the contacter, but not vice versa.


Ether is the strongest material. All information is kept in etheric form. Ether has connecting and memory functions, thus needed. Ether is the only material, which is not erased or destroyed. It is compact, invisible, light. It is nothing. But its particle could be transformed million years later. It is alive, has memory, is self-rebuilding and self-producing. It is more accumulated in thinking moving living materials; but it is everywhere. Main abilities of etheric particle are: it is invisible, immortal, comes via all barriers, is not destroyed by diseases.

If it is, disaster could happen. Speed of its movement in free condition cannot be described in ciphers. In closed condition its speed is compared to atomic speed, with 2 orders difference. Ether is moving, flowing. Atom is in constant movement, ether is part of atom. Ether is separated from atom in the process of split shell, small explosion in the large atom. This explosion is unseen and invisible. But large aggregation of freed atoms is similar to atomic explosion. Every nature has process of division. Everything disseminates is atoms around, this dissemination is wearout, in every material.

Main features of etheric medium are: its viscosity, warm and has «binding ability» for particles. It is matrix, art canvas. Every living and being exists due to its binding abilities. If binding forces disappear for a minute only, huge explosion happens. Without ether there is nothing while, complete, no volume, is nothing. Ether was created as primary basis for info-quants.


Form-thought — structured line of infoquantums with high sensitivity and quality of perception to any information by nearly all its elements simultaneously. Thoughts are transferred in a chain one by one very quickly. This phenomenon is similar to collision of billiard balls, set on one line: the first ball transfers impulse to the second, the second — to the third and so on, with huge frequency and very high sensitivity. Thus information transfer is nearly instant.


Highest Intelligence [Reason] — is in many senses absolutely primary self-developing energy, which could be represented as Absolute Essence, taking in consideration that a man cannot produce thought-forms at similar levels. Highest Intelligence from the beginning of self-comprehension, is tending to further development; and as there are no limits for perfection, the process is infinitely multifarious. Thesis that Infinity is a process and not dimensional characteristic has its origin here.
Highest Intelligence as energo-informational essence arrived due to self-comprehension. Development via division was not considered rational by it. There were such attempts. Highest Intelligence is creating a new team of co-workers for the new administration. With new essences coming, everything is created and developed according to the laws, set by Highest Intelligence (Creator). Highest Intelligence is being everywhere simultaneously, there is no just a single place of its being.
From the scientific point of view, considering it the scientific object, we should ask «What is highest Intelligence?» From spiritual point of view, if talking of him as of spiritual Essence, which gave birth to all civilizations of Metacosmos, than for respect and culture of communication, we need to say: «Who is Highest Intelligence?» Such attitude is most acceptable and ethical for Earth civilization, in the thought-forms of the population of our planet.

Human fate is reflection (mirror) of his choice. Man has choice, and this is basic difference from other living beings. Choice is granted to thinking beings only, animal world is ruled by instincts. Freedom is the possibility of choice, and man always has choice, man is always free to choose. Often choice does not have many options or is not pleasant, as everyone has choice to choose his own behavior. Choice is needed to develop himself through overcoming the difficulties. Difficulties, obstacles are created as the element of administration, are the result of his choice.

If someone becomes a victim of negative situation, it means incorrect choice was done some time ago.


Infinity Infinity — is not a measurement technique, but a development process. It really does not have borders. That is why it is not accidentally symbolized by horizontal «eight», similar to Mobius loop. Problem of investigators of this problem is that they imagine infinity utilitarian. As is it is needed for some measurement, or for labeling of some process.
To imagine infinity, prolong quantitatively pi character (∏) — 3,1415926535897932384626433832795... In 2003 scholars defined 1 241 100 000 000 decimal signs, and there is no limit. Metacosmos, is developing according to its own rules, represents a sphere, and if we imagine its border as a circle, it becomes clear, as to why it is infinite. But imagine orders [mathematic definition], used by modern utilitarian technologies. This is mental border, separating human intellect from scale of Metacosmos. It does not matter, how many digits after the comma in decimal order would a man calculate, it will not bring him closer to rational use of such knowledge; but perception of the process of infinity can really broaden his consciousness.

Infochannel operator — a person, who has methods of adjusting to infochannel, get into infoenergy-space. The level of the operator is defined by its unerring ability to transmit information both ways, to and from infoenergy-space. Reliability and duration of the channel work depends on the personal skill of the operator, allows him to maintain required working status for this psycho-physical condition. The quality of transmitted data is also largely depends on the internal culture of the operator, his outlook, knowledge and imagination.

Infoenergy field — Universal etheric space of Cosmos, which contains information on any subjects, phenomena and events, taking place during development of the Universe. The structure of this field can not be investigated by traditional scientific methods. Its definition lies in the human unconscious. The field has no limits. Its content is using the human unconscious. Categories such as mass, time and distance in relation to the energy-field are not applicable.

Infoquantum — primary particle information with the property of independent existence. The basic energy element of any materia [matter, substance]. Cannot be measured. Infoquantums have no weight, are stable to temperature change, have high viability in any substance and high interaction speed, which is several grades quicker than light speed. During collision, charge-potential of one thought is given to nearest thought, not being disintegrated. This is infinitely living structure. Infoquantum is the smallest indivisible particle.

Information — systemic measure of understanding, basic for the Universe. This axiomatic assumption if necessary not for the research process itself, but for the understanding for the essence of the research subject. No craft could be applied without fundamentum. Whirling of the energies does not matter, if it does not have a goal.

Otherwise it is just a buzz, which is not welcome in Metacosmos. The information it brings is: no positive work is going on. Work helps to organize whirling of the energies to the movement with the goal — systematize aspirations and develop through this. Development is considered by the presence and quality of information. Otherwise how you understand, that you develop and not vastly degenerate?

Intuition — is the product of interrelations of consciousness and unconsciousness (or approximately — «working functional» of left and right hemispheres of the brain). One should distinct intuition from the instincts and learn how to «listen». Intuition is always there, but if you think via logic (left hemisphere), than logical prepositions and specially conclusions do not allow you to hear, what «sounds» in the imaginative part of your consciousness (right hemisphere). Many medical healing systems are based on this interactions. Here is also the key to the entry to altered states of consciousness.


Logic exercise. «Thought cannot be measured by the devices. But 2 thoughts could be compared. Comparison always has a result. This result, as an integration of info-energetic influence could be expressed, assessed and used. Actions based on mental comparison of human thoughts are anyhow expressed at the material level. It means that the thought is material.»

This formula is not dogmatic, it is mental formula, and everyone understands it in terms of own conscious. Search of logic errors in the grounds and conclusions will inevitably result in broadening of the conscious of researcher and clarifying of the formula.

Luck [fortune] — human understanding of situation, when unconsciousness choice did not end with the problem. Luck — is the way of light-minded persons, who cannot predict their behavior. For one whose behavior is proper, luck means: «I wanted this and I did this».


Mental formula. Logical exercise of the phenomenon in the «psy» field. Rationale of the mental formula must be terms and definitions, clearly and consciously understood by the researcher. Mental formula is holographic, this is its specific feature. So conclusion of 2 rationales is reviewed from as many as possible points of view and must not be controversial with other, possibly acceptable in research context of the concepts.

«If one could imagine infoquantum, he understands of the borders of Metacosmos.»
«Мathematic formulas work only in the limits of conscious of a man, who constructed them.»
«Human laws are set not by humans, but for the humans.»

«Man has five senses to mirror the surrounding reality; what’s above the limits of these relic (from his arrival on the planet) senses, is acknowledged mentally.»

Mentor — angel, Patron, nearest to the man at the thin level. There is such wording as «guarding angel [guardian]». This angel also has a mentor, and this reflects structure of the whole Hierarchy of Metacosmos. In military Charter he would be called line manager — the nearest to the subordinate [managee]. Direct head (angel) is called Patron by the operators.

Metacontact — technology of interaction with the mental environment inspired by Cosmos, allowing a person in an altered state of consciousness to receive information from space database, accessible to operator. This technology was created by Soviet military scientists in the mid-nineties of the last century. It is based on the deliberate use of hidden resources of subconscious of the modern human.

Using this technology one can get almost any information as thought-form, transferred to verbal speech or automatic writing. Modern official science, recognizing the existence of this phenomenon is not able to explain it rationally; therefore, its position on this issue is based on the silent contemplation of a detached observer. However the closed [sheltered] military institutions and civil specialists in their practical work worldwide use methods based on these technologies.

Metacosmos — Universal Cosmos, soaked with infoenergy field. Planets, star (planetary) systems, Galaxies and Universes are in Metacosmos. There are many Universes. Nobody knows exactly, how many. Metacosmos develops as if «breathing-in» and pulsing. No out-breathing were yet observed.

Mistake. Every action has a goal. Action is the movement towards this goal. When there is no goal, every action is just a buzz [vanity]. But if the goal is present, than wrong action towards the goal is the mistake.


Parallel world. This definition is commonly used to describe similar (to human) civilization, unavailable for instrumental research. This reality exists in psy format (see Thin layer) regardless of existence of scientific probative base, but due to logic of Metacosmos development, despite of it could sound trivial.

Sense of existence of parallel world for Metacosmic architectures is not to calculate beforehand all steps of development, but to have possibility to assess another possible situation and make choice of alternative way of development taking in consideration appearance of multiple various situations.

Parallel realities, forming this world, exist here, at our planet. Simultaneous existence of different worlds does not disturb each other because they are «colored» each with own infoenergy color. What a man does not see or feel, the beings that live there can see.

Parallel world lives here, but it has his own life, and human civilization — her own life. It is as if in cartoons, where one transparent image is put on another transparent image. Each image could be independent, but together, seen from distance, they represent combined image, fulfilling strictly defined depictive function. Regulating laws in the life of parallel world are opposite to human. This is why mental definition got discretive sense, but similar in value.

There is no structure of power in the parallel word, it is imaginary model. It is vague and constantly reconstructing. Policy and political life are modeled without consequences, in human understanding it simply does not exist. It is as if politics and military people play their roles in their imagination. It is just a shadow, following your life.

Reality of parallel spaces is modulated by human activity. It depends on it, but is not defined by it. Parallel world is another system of thought movements. It means actions with other possible results and possibility of further come-back to initial state in order to compare what could happen in parallel and real spaces, and for assessment of possible better or worse results. Depending on this comparison, conclusion is made about growth of soul or its degradation. In the parallel world everything happens as in reversed mirror, so the Doppler gets another life, though with the same suffers and bonuses.

Parallel world is the space for experiments, tests and mistakes, reality and fantasy. It is the world where actions are done for comparison with these which are in existing for human reality. And it is absolutely different life, because presence of one more or its repeat anywhere else does not make sense. Final result — this is the sense of the whole model.

Highest Intelligence does not need to observe and make conclusions about the work of everyone, a man during his life on earth as in this case. The record of his life and of his possible life is stored for final comparison. No use to suffer of questions «what could the soul do», when we can see what was done in reality and possible life. Result of comparison will tell for himself. What could have been achieved and what was achieved, and what the man did not do. Glory and respect or shame forever, because justice is requital for the deeds.

Being from the parallel world can think, has image and body, because similarity should be defined. But the body is not from flesh and blood, and is ghostly for human understanding. This exact, but special info model-doppler of each of us. It does not have a soul, because doppler should perform opposite actions to what one does on earth in the same circumstances. So the main principle of parallel world is strict reverse reflexy. That gives opportunity to compare two as if parallel lines of life and find this, which is in a vanguard in its development and way of thinking.

Patron — high being of the thin layer, from whom information comes via Metacosmic channel. Patron can widen infoenergy field of contact with operator or diminish it, and in case of lack of common sense — stop it.

Primal man [Purusha] — is a part of infoenergy`system of Metacosmos.

Primal man arrived about 20 million years ago when DNA of primates (monkeys) was changed. He became unique being on the planet, able to live and- as a consequence — to make a choice. His task was to survive in particular conditions, to elaborate his own energy-informational potential for systemic development of Metacosmos. He was system for growth of soul. He did not contact with the help of sounds, all his abilities were targeted on perfection of his ability to survive in aggressive environment of the planet as it was at this period. Man survived and made choice for the best of his body, but not the abilities requested by Creator. We live according to the laws, built for us, not by us. Current situation is the result of the negligence of these laws.

Many relic abilities sleep in the modern man, waking in so called ‘phenomena’, which cannot be explained by neither scientists in their labs, not by priests in their temples.

Psy — in the context is basic category, describing thin layer as a whole. Quantum-mechanical systems and functions of condition, which operate with this definition, are not the object of our consideration, though they have direct relation to research vector of metacosmic processes. Very often met by the operators of infochannels, while getting requested knowledge from their Patron.


Sense of human life is in work. From his birth till his death one has to produce enough energy of definite quality (simply speaking — frequency and amplitude) for use in the building (upgrade) of Metacosmos. The higher these vibrations are, the more requested are they for the building. They are like bricks for the building. Low vibrations (which man has from the beginning) need to be transformed, they represent basic, rough, inflexible material. Man was created on the planet in the protein body in order that energy of his could perform required work. Man has choice and senses for connection to his alma mater — which is Cosmos.

Human body is envelope, given for a certain time. Without protein body our energy-information substance — EIS (called «soul») cannot exist in the current planetary environment. Natural conditions on Earth were provided for man, so he could improve himself, WORK. These conditions mainly consisted of natural difficulties, man had to provide work directed on transformation of environment for the better (also for building harmonic relations with his mates).

Development of soul depends on his thoughts and intentions. Humankind worked on the comfort for the body, not caring of the soul, which was roughened by glamour hyper-consumption. This misbalance brings pain. If a man has developed needed potential, then after death in protein body he will not return to the planet, otherwise will be born again. Now it is very important to do the following — understand your destination via widening of consciousness, and live according to the rules, which are designed for us, not by us.

Soul — is energoinformational identifier of a human being in the hierarchy, is able to grow and develop. Temporary is in the physical body or similar structures, which have intellect, mind, are self-regulated and developing. Soul can change places and be born from generation to generation for its main goal — high ethic potential, capable to lead other souls.

Everything cosmic consists of ether. Soul is condensed comprehensive universal ethereal being, which could reach highest level of «thought-energy».
No two people on the planet have the same fingerprints. Everyone is individual for informational field. Way from soul to soul is made of infoquantums. Images of love, colours and all the rest are beautiful, but these are just images. Souls differ, and are not always loving souls. They could be neutral or alien. Thinking that the way from soul to soul could be carpeted with something is a beautiful image, but real world is built according to the laws, created for men, but not by men. Soul is etheric image. It could be seen.

During the life the souls of people change. They can become better, develop thin energies and sound classical melody; they could become harder and sound like a plumbum bell — huge mass, but no sound.
To the question of sale of a soul. Selling something, you want something as a benefit. Depending on what you want to get, the bargain is done or not done. If you want something higher to your product, it is accepted. If lower — no.

Question if — which is the quality of your product, your soul? Wishing material as an exchange to spiritual — this is observed nowadays on the planet. Souls do not want highest, they wish money, power to get more money, pleasure, comfort and other glamour. These souls are not for sale, they simply press each other for a dollar, euro or ruble. If somebody wishes to «sell» a soul and get money, he becomes the one, who creates similar problems for the others like him. This is as at the market: everyone is selling, but no demand is present.
There are no banks in Metacosmos, nor shops with glamour clothes, nor luxury cottages...

Spirit — is low spiritual material, originating from low developed beings. Spirit does not have soul. Spirit is capable for self-development, self-regulation and evolution.
Spirits are in astral layer only. Entry to higher levels is closed for them. But they in order to survive fight for energy the same as people fight for oil and electricity. These energies relate to «thin levels», where human souls live. Spritis are very special beings. They can inhabit human body and enjoy the energy, produced by this body. But they are interested only in energies of their level, which are rather low. Spirits does not have a Leader [mentor], and cannot go higher than astral layer in their evolution; Leader is something superfluous for them. And in Metacosomos resources are not used prodigal.
How do you think — what is the origin of maniacs and masochists?


Thin level — hierarchic and various energo-informational level of interaction between planetary databases. Thin level does not have linear characteristics, it is holographic and ultimately universal. Searching its physical parameters at the current level of human development, as well as its polar structure, is useless. Thin levels are the spheres of chain interaction of thought-forms, medium of transformation of products of energo-informational processes, which have aetheric order.

Thought. Colorless, invisible infoenergy stream enters human’s head, like radio waves at the best, highest frequencies. This impulse is coming through the brain during ‘saying’, is kept and analyzed. Thus one can hear thoughts only in himself. Image-impulse is tended to the left upper part of right hemisphere and moves further via gyri [of the brain]. There it is converted into verbal form. The process reminds of initial, entering one side of heating spiral [European bistort], while rectified product appears from other side.

Everyone thinks and talks depending on his usual manner and readiness to allow perception of the thoughts. This could be represented as following: thought arrives as enlightment, and man thinks it, saying it with usual for him words and sentences. Thought is aetheric, fluid, it does not stay on the same place, could be instantly erased from the memory or deep entry during physical exercises, stress or happiness. There is also phenomenon of blinking memory: memory of events arrives in similar situations.

Thought could be splash, flare. Here it was in brain, not finished yet, and suddenly was abrupt. Pleasant or unpleasant sediments could be left in the soul as an after action. As a whole, thought is formed in the brain. It posts in the form of one key word, or a set of phrases or actions. There are no exceptions.

New thoughts are born to replace old ones. But there will be no thoughts of the most important, without throes [sorrows] of the search and fight with yourself, without dissatisfaction with yourself and situation. There will be also no new thoughts, enlightments and promptings [advices]. Similar is the process with the poems, which require debugging [tuning]. Great sculptors, who work with marble, at the beginning, saw only the idea. And later incorporated their vision into the masterpiece via delicate debugging to perfect state. This could be achieved by own mind and work of own hands only.

Thought is obviously material. It is the sound of special frequency, which is heard to the person-destination. The word «material» is probably not quite clear for the people, because material should be visible and sensible. One, who is not perfect, is able to understand this definition only in such a way. We can say that man is surrounded by visible and invisible structures, one of the last is — thought. One cannot deny this, because man says «sorry» to the Lord, or asks for patronage and other benefits — in his thoughts. People who lived long together, who love each other, or mother and child, hardly need verbal communication. Contact in thoughts is one of the preferable forms of communication for the beings and Hierarchies.

Time. One cannot manage time. In Cosmos there is no time. People invented time, as they needed to measure their presence in the protein body. Time is an interval between birth and death. Accommodating to living on earth, human consciousness invented a unit of measurement.
We develop on the basis of the Past via Present. If there is only negative in the Past, there is no basis to build the Future. Informational wars are based on this. If man is constantly told that he is an idiot, he would be that. There is not present as it is. Everything depends on the perception scales of the events. I am writing to you from the Past. You will read this in present, and after being read, every word will appear in the Past. I hope for the Future, that you will read. But it might not happen. Then all my scribbling will be left in the Past, with the time lost in vain.
Possibly time could be measured by the thought. One has to choose how to do this.

Above definitions are not dogmas of Noocosmology, are not also permanently formalized. We shall be grateful if you have ability to improve as content of the definition, so its form.


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