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Georgy G. Rogosin

Georgy G. Rogosin

General-major in reserve, Federal Protective Service of Russian Federation.

August, 7th, 1942 – March, 6th, 2014

Born 7 August 1942 in Vladivostok. After school graduated from civil engineering college. About a year worked as motorist of Vostokrybkholodflot (Eastern Fish Frost Fleet). In 1962-1965 saw service in the army.

After army entered Highest Red Banner School of KGB, 1st department of secret defense service, military secret defense service), studies 5 years. In 1969-1972 saw service as operative agent on the ships of hydrographic service of Pacific Fleet. In 1972-1975 got postgraduate training in Highest Red Banner School of KGB, 1st special department (basics of secret defense service); became candidate of legal sciences (PhD in Law). Was the tutor in this School at the 3rd special department (military secret defense service).

In 1978-1980 was senior operative agent, then senior scientific worker of operative-analytical service of the 3rd Administration of KGB of the USSR (military secret defense service). In 1980-1983 was senior scientific worker, later deputy head of one of the laboratories of the Scientific Research Institute of KGB, major (worked in the Scientific Research Institute «Prognosis»: development of the defense of State Secrets).

In 1983-1985 was senior operative agent of informational-analytical department in Primorskiy Areal administration of KGB in Vladivostok (was in the uniform of the captain II rank). In 1985 was senior operative agent of the Admisitration «A» (analytical) of the 2nd Administration of KGB (secret defense service, work with foreign residents, diplomats and commercial representatives in the USSR); in 1986 was the assistant of the Head of department in 2nd administration; half colonel; in 1987 — Deputy Head of the department.

In 1988-1992 worked in the Institute of the Problems of Security (former Scientific Research Institute of KGB): scientific counselor of the 1st department. Was the first Deputy head of Security Service of the president of Russian Federation. Dealt with the questions of astrology, telekinesis, and parapsychology.

In 1994 became general-major. On 28 February 1996 became the member of the inter-agency committee of defense of State Secret.

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